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  1. John says:

    Eric and Sharon – the big day has finally arrived….. I would like to say I won’t miss you Eric but I can’t, work will just not be the same without you mate.

    • Cheers matey :0) but just think of the up side, no more of me rattling on for hours about the motorhome and the ‘One Day’ scenarios :0) :0) We will keep in touch and I will hold you to treating us to a meal when we return to UK in January !!

  2. al says:

    Hey Hope your both well hadn’t seen you on the 365 for a while and someone posted up this link to yr blog! Glad to see youre out there living the dream , hope it all goes well for you and you come back with a load of good memories, Wish you all the best , HappyCampers )

    • Writing up the blog takes a lot of my time, but I enjoy it. It also uses up a fair bit of my iPad power so when I get WiFi access I tend to give the blog priority. However, currently on an Aire that provides ‘Free’ WiFi so I can sit in the comfort of my van and browse until my iPad needs re-charging again !! Glad you have the blog address and can join us on our travels, albeit virtually, I hope you enjoy the blog. It is good to hear from you, hope all is well at your end. You can always send an Email if you want to. Chat less public ally, if you don’t have my Email drop me a PM on the forum and I will let you have it.

  3. Martin Dumont says:

    Hi, enjoying your blog, keep it up. Do you what’s happened to the Big Bird blog as there hasn’t been an update for ages and they haven’t replied to my message.
    Martin ( motorhome adventures when I retire)

    • Thanks Martin, pleased you are enjoying the blog. Steve & Lyssa (Big Bird) are currently making their way back to UK so may be experiencing intermittent WiFi connections. I spoke with Steve on Skype a week ago so they are still alive :0)

  4. Ali Kingston says:

    Hi Eric, Shazza and Big Momma,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and perusing your website today. It’s very informative and I wondered if you would mind if I featured it in my next book. I am currently on the final edit and hoping to publish it in October 2014. The ‘how much does it cost?’ question is very interesting and I would like to place a link to that in my budgetting chapter. Hopefully you’re off away having a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing from you, Ali

  5. carla en cor says:

    hi guys….a big hug from Carla and Cor…we really enjoy reading your blog!!!

    • Hi guys, great to hear from you, this is the first day we have had WiFi for several days so just received your Email. Thank you for the photograph, very useful 👍 we are now in our last few days in Portugal before crossing into Spain, down the West Coast to look around there for a while before ‘possibly’ heading into Morocco, still not sure if we will go yet, we will see. Take care, keep in touch and hope to meet you again sometime 😃

  6. Hi Eric and Shazza, we have been greatly enjoying your blog and are in the process of preparing to move to the UK, purchase a van and set off on our own adventure. We are hoping that you can give us a few tips on wordpress/blogpad pro? We wish to incorporate the Nomad plug-in as per your site but have been unable to work out how to do this using our ipad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to meet you both on the road sometime next year, have a great
    Christmas in Morocco.
    David and Linda

  7. Martin says:

    Have loved reading about your experiences – don’t stop when you get back to the UK! Regards Martin

  8. Shawn and Emma says:

    Well I hope you have had the wonderful weather 🌞 on the east coast as we have had today on Mull . If so at least your first day’s work will have been dry. First time since October that I have been outside working with just 1 fleece on and not the normal 2 and thick coat and waterproof trousers. Hope it’s not been to much of a full on shift and all those lovely campers have been kind. At least you can say that’s one day less until you leave these shores. Allways think of the positive. Struggling with that myself at the moment as still no idea when we are away 😢. Wanted to be off by May to tour the other islands and then Kent for Emma’s dads 70th in October before hitting dover and away.

    • Unfortunately we were welcomed to Berwick with Mist, Drizzle and cold temperatures 😁 however, today was ‘travel day’, tomorrow is ‘set up’ day and we start work on Sunday. No Campers though until Friday 20th.

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