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Formal Introductions first so that you know who we are. I am Eric and at the time we actually turn our last 2 years of planning and dreaming into reality I will have just turned 57 years old. My travelling partner is my wife, friend and confidante Sharon (Shazza) who is ** years old (more than my life’s worth to put her age into print on a publically viewed blog) but will go a long way in explaining the constant smile on my face if that old adage is true, you know the one that says “You are only as old as the woman you feel”. Remember too those other sayings, “Life is for Living” and “Shrouds don’t have pockets” and I am sure that those of you that read our blog will have several other’s that are quite apt.

We are both ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds doing ordinary jobs. We have not won the lottery and are funding our adventure solely through the equity we raise from the sale of our house (after re-payment of the mortgage), sale of our furniture, and from what we have managed to save in the 6 years we have been married. We could of course just carry on with our ordinary lives and ordinary jobs until we reach retirement age.

Although we know that we cannot stop the ageing process we could live in hope that when we did finally reach ‘state pension’ retirement age (66, 67, 68………?) that we would both still have the health and fitness as well as the motivation to go ahead and fulfil our dreams of doing extended touring trips of Europe. The reality though is we could wait all this time only to find that for whatever reason, be it financial or health reasons, that we may not be able to fulfil those travelling ambitions. One day we may find ourselves sitting in our garden looking out at our well-manicured lawn and flower beds and say those immortal words…… ‘If Only’.

Well we have decided that there will be no saying ‘If Only’. Whilst we both have our health and fitness, no pre-existing medical conditions, the time and opportunity has arrived to shake off the burdens that go with working for a living (Paying Taxes, N.I. and Pension Contributions) as well as the expenses associated with owning and maintaining a property. So it is, after 41 years and 32 years respectively, it is now time to get off this particular treadmill of life and utilise what Capital we have to get out into that big wide world and explore Europe. We want to do this at our own pace in our own time and with the luxury of having no more of those Sunday evening syndromes. You know the ones, about tea time on a Sunday evening your mind starts to drift to thoughts about the working week ahead and you find yourself hoping that next weekend will come quickly. Well our adventure will have no such things as weekends or even weeks or months just 365 days in a year to do as much or as little as we want with no time constraints to do it in.

‘Big Momma’ is our 2010 Fiat Auto trail Comanche and at 8.7m long and a 6 wheeler she is our luxury apartment on wheels with all the extra’s required for living 24/7 for 52 weeks and however many years this adventure takes to complete. To assist Shazza with map reading we have “Snoopy”, this is our Snooper Venture S7000 Satellite Navigation System which is actually more than just a run of the mill Satnav device but probably more about that as we progress on our travels. To help us get the most out of this adventure we also have ‘Kevin’, an American inflatable Sea Eagle Kayak that is suitable for use in some pretty rough ‘White water’ rapids, not that we (that should be ‘I’) intend to use it in such conditions, well not unless Shazza inadvertently (on purpose) takes us on some unplanned rapids that is !! Like me, readers of this blog will soon come to learn that when Shazza uses the words “Don’t worry we will be alright” it usually means that she is about to lead me into some sort of situation that see’s us surviving (well up until now) more through luck than good judgement. When we need a little less strenuous activity we have ‘Quartz’ Batribikes, these are fold up electric bicycles with full road lights, mudguards and a set of panniers on the rear to assist with carrying home essential provisions like food and perhaps the odd bottle or two of ‘vino calapso’ as well as transporting us on exploration trips around country lanes, cycle paths, canal towpaths or anywhere else we can get on two wheels rather than two feet. But just so that we do not become too lazy and perhaps with a small need to keep the waist lines in check, we also have the trusty walking boots, hiking poles, backpack rucksacks and the all essential wet weather clothing.

So please feel free to come and join us on our adventure, travel with us to who knows where, doing who knows what and for as long as it lasts because we have finally……………. ‘Dundreamin

29 Responses to About Us

  1. Barry Connell says:

    Baz the Stalker is watching!

    • Ha Ha ! You were reported as ‘Spam’ so good job you warned me in advance what you had written.I was a little surprised though that you have gone public with your personality deviation. Could have been worse I suppose, you could have been a Caravanner !!

    • Thomas Hope says:

      Found you!, thanks for the chat Eric you have inspired us to work hard toward having our dream too, safe travels and look forward to reading all about it!
      Tom and Jo at Maragowan with the Bessacarr next to you!

      • Hi Tom & Jo :0) good to have you on board and following the ‘War and Peace’ Blog !! It rained all the way to Bunree but the scenery was still absolutely breathtaking. Got set up on site and just having lunch, rain stopped and views to die for, can life get better than this ? If you have any questions please feel free to Email me, contact Email is on blog main page. Enjoy the rest of your week at Killin :0)

  2. Amigo says:

    stalking you too now Eric, now that I found the blog!

  3. Lynda Powell says:

    Found it Sharon…still desperately jealous……love Eric’s blog…can’t wait for the adventure to start!!!

    • Thank you, glad you are enjoying it ! Some may say that our adventure has already started, but the best bits are not too far away !! Glad you are joining us on our journey if only to keep reminding us what we are missing :0)

  4. mel says:

    we wish you well on your adventure…we are watching ha ha

  5. Ifor says:

    Your link “van collection 1” at the top of the page is in error. Just thought you’d like to know 🙂
    Great blog, by the way.

    • Have checked it on the web as a ‘normal’ browser and seems okay. Also checked it through my WordPress account and that also comes up okay ? Are you viewing through a laptop or iPad ?

    • I checked all my image links and found a problem on the Contact page Mmmmmmm a bit odd ? Anyway, thank you for bringing it to my attention, hopefully all images have now been re-loaded and should be working fine again.

      And so rude of me for not commenting in my earlier reply but thank you for your comment on my blog, I hope you will continue to enjoy !

  6. Naomi says:

    Hello you have another stalker. Great to meet you and hear your story at the car boot AKA something for nothing sale, today! Looking forward to reading about your forthcoming adventures…… Naomi & Marie

    • Hi Naomi & Marie, it was lovely to meet you both, so much better than the neighbours we had last week :0) We need to take the honesty box next week then we can leave the pitches and go and get a ‘Full English’ at the Market café :0) Hope you enjoy the blog !

  7. Sue & Mike at No5 says:

    We’ll miss seeing Big Momma parked over the road but look forward to hearing about your adventures. I’m sure that news from Bowles Road will be just as exciting… Not! 🙂

    • Four weeks tonight will be our last night and then the ‘Adventure’ can really begin. Sod’s law though, neighbours tree get’s felled so more light in back garden, other neighbour sorts out jungle out front and then we get to start to know you just as we are about to leave !! Anyway, you can keep us updated with all the street gossip :0) hope you enjoy the blog and following us on our travels. Good to have you on board :0)

  8. Paul Jackson says:

    I’ve just started following your blog. We have a similar plan to pay off our mortgage in less than 5 years, which coincides with my Armed Forces pension increasing and becoming Index Linked (age 55). Then our plan for extended tours (to start with) will be achievable.

    Thanks for sharing all the information on costs in particular, really helpful.

    Good luck with following the dream!


    • Hi Paul, like you I served in the Military for 22 years and so the Pension comes in really useful :0) if you have any questions please do not hesitate in dropping me an Email and I will do my best to answer them if I can :0)

  9. Peter and Anna says:

    Its been great following your blog and your trip through Spain and Portugal last Autumn. We are scheduled to start a 1 year trip starting in April 2015 and your information has been extremely helpful in our preparations so your forthcoming Winter trip will , hopefully update us more helping usc with our Spain /Portugal section. We have just got back from a five week trip through Germany and France living on Aries and Stellplazas to get a feel for the nomadic way. In fact we found it quiet difficult in the high heat so we are having to plan different locations for the Summer part. Again good luck for next months departure.

    • Thank you Peter and Anna, pleased you are enjoying the blog. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us. Just over 3 weeks to go now and we have started getting ‘Big Momma’ morphed into ‘On the Road’ mode :0) getting excited at the prospect of being back on the open road again !!

  10. Allan and Jayne says:

    Just found your blog, really cant wait to read all your adventures, I just need to convince swmbo to do the same as you. wishing you all the luck in the world..regards..Allan

  11. Dave Cutting says:

    Hi Eric & Shazza. We are Dave & Jan from Swindon. We are now “early retired” since Feb this year.Then spent 4 months in Spain touring…which was fantastic. We have an 8.87 Burstner Elegance so are very interested in your travels to Morocco with a large vehicle. We are booked on the ferry from Portsmouth – Santander on the 9th January and are on a trip to Morocco with Desert Detours from the 4th Feb. When do you plan to be in Morocco? Have you been before? We will be following your blog.
    Take care and enjoy your travels 🙂

  12. Bob Penfold says:

    Hello Eric and Shazza, are there n any restrictions for a 8.7 metre mh on the Aires and wild sites visited.

    • In the two trips that we have done so far, none. Where you will find restrictions for larger vehicles is on Campsites !! If you continue to read the blog, more so, our foreign travels, you will see photographs of ‘Big Momma’ at various locations so this should answer your question. However, if there is anything you would like to know then please just ask, I will be only too pleased to assist with answering your questions, if I can :0)

  13. Ian paget says:

    Well done to you both, sounds like your having a ball 😁 from large!

    • Hello stranger, now there’s a name from the past 😀 Trust you are keeping well. Drop me an email sometime and tell me what you have been up to in the last 11-12 years 😀😀

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