A Life With A Freedom To Make Changes !!

Our dream was a simple one, retire early whilst we still had our health, tour wherever we wanted, when we wanted and for as long as we wanted with the bonus of having a nicely furnished home base to return to between trips

The above extract is taken from one of the ‘Pages’ on my ‘Home Page’ (Live The Dream), which I actually published before we took to the road, and this was to be the way we had intended to do it. The initial dream, and more importantly the financial plan, was for me to retire at the age of Sixty, but it didn’t quite work out that way !!

When I started to write this travel blog in July 2013, we had taken the decision to commence ‘living our dream‘ three years earlier than planned. Although at the time we were still living conventional lifestyles, Shazza was on the verge of retiring early from her teaching career and I still had three months to work, although our ‘bricks and mortar’ was up for sale, we were still living in it. The plan had been to downsize to a much smaller property, mortgage free, which would be our ‘bolt hole‘ to which we would return to between extended trips away, however, getting on the road three years earlier than anticipated rather scuppered those plans as we would have needed what would have been those three years worth of extra savings to both purchase and re-furnish the new property. No matter, we had a contingency, if we could secure seasonal Summer jobs with the Caravan Club this would then provide those additional ‘bolt hole’ funds so that after three years we could get back to the ‘original plan’. If you have been regular readers of these my humble ramblings then the rest, as you know, is history, well as far as the ‘Elf and Elfette’ jobs are concerned !

Of course, when we actually drove away from what had been our home, neither of us really knew whether we would actually take to this ‘fulltiming’ lifestyle, there was of course the huge sense of excitement at the adventure ahead of us, we had already had the ‘Oh my God, are we insane conversations and sleepless nights’. Howeverat that time we hadn’t received any notification of an Interview for the Summer jobs just a confirmation that our initial applications had been accepted, so as far as we were concerned, this was it, we were now free spirits, free to wander where we wanted and for as long as we wanted even though we hadn’t originally intended to actually do it 365 days of the year !! You can read as many books, or blogs, as you like about this life on the road, written by people who have done it or who are currently doing it, and believe me in the six years  prior to embarking on this Adventure, I had read a lot of books and blogs and had asked very many questions on various Motorhome Forums. However, those resources can only provide you with so much information and it isn’t until ‘you‘ actually get on the road for yourselves that you find out from your own experiences if this is the life for you. I think it would be fair to say that we took to it like the proverbial ‘Ducks to Water’.

Perhaps I would be stating the obvious by saying that we always have some sort of plan, well at least one half of this nomadic partnership generally does, the other half of the team spends most of the time trying to sabotage them, but as I am not one to tell tales out of school, I will leave it to you, the reader, to decide which is which in this partnership !! However, in all seriousness, that is one of the greatest bits of this lifestyle over our former conventional lives, we were now enjoying “A Life With A Freedom To Make Changes“. Although to be perfectly honest, generally, those changes just involved amendments to a route, or to where we were going to park up and for how long, but the change in the plan that was on the horizon, well, on this occasion neither of us had planned for and it was going to have quite an impact on our future travel arrangements……… !!

I have mentioned the word ‘Fate‘ a couple of times during my previous blog ramblings and it really was fate that brought us to a new ‘unplanned’ stage within ‘Our Big Adventure’. I hadn’t wanted to go to Morocco on our last Winter trip and I made no secret of that, however, Shazza did. Now, had I have got my way, which, in itself would have been a miracle and a huge first, and as such, a potential contender for an entry in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records‘, but had we not have travelled to that god forsaken place we most probably would not have suffered from the ‘Fuel Contamination’. That incident though, was the catalyst for what, unbeknown to either of us at the time, was about to   change the way we conducted our future travels. The contaminated fuel saga led to both of us becoming a little stressed, a bit despondent and so with a knackered ‘Big Momma’ we found ourselves in the beautiful Spanish Seaside Resort of Estepona. Okay, so you already know all of this from previous posts, but things happened there that, at the time, we kept to ourselves.

We fell in love with not just this lovely town, but with the whole of the Coastline area between Malaga, South to Gibraltar. We needed to kill time over a period of days whilst we waited for Big Momma to be repaired, whilst we wandered through the streets we would stop and read the adverts for properties in the numerous Estate Agents windows. Then another piece of fate, or perhaps just sheer good luck, but the UK Pound at that time was really incredibly strong against the Euro and we were quite astonished when we discovered what our limited savings Capital could purchase. We decided to be a bit cheeky, without any real intention of buying, we arranged with a couple of Estate Agents to view some properties just out of curiosity, to have a look at what our money could buy us. We know from previous experience that what you see in Estate Agents photographs isn’t necessarily the ‘true picture’, and at the majority of the properties we viewed that was certainly the case, yes some had sea views if you stood on your toes, or leaned yourself half way across a balcony or craned your neck at ninety degrees !! However, whilst we had been enchanted with Estepona and even with a very good Exchange rate, we still could not find the right sort of property, in the right location, with the right views, well not on our budget at least !!

‘Big Momma’ eventually got fixed and so we left Estepona and got on with our pre-planned itinerary which, once we had decontaminated the fresh water tank, entailed us making our way, slowly, Northbound, ready for our appointment with a Ferry Crossing back to the UK. It also gave us an opportunity to question ourselves on what we had been doing looking at properties in Spain, perhaps the Moroccan incident had affected us more than we had thought, it wasn’t just the fuel contamination incident but the whole Moroccan experience, we know that some people love the place but we didn’t share their enthusiasm and have no plans to return. I had also taken ill whilst in Morocco and even after returning to Spain, after several weeks, I wasn’t getting any better and Shazza confided that she was getting more than a little concerned. However, in my opinion I wasn’t seriously ill, at least not to the stage where I needed urgent treatment by a doctor, but I had become quite lethargic, had no energy and I was getting very tired very quickly, without going into too much detail I was having difficulty in retaining any food that I had eaten beyond an hour of swallowing it, as a consequence I started to really struggle my way through many of the Shazza Expeditions that followed. Perhaps we just needed to rest for a while and with my love of the sea, Estepona had been a welcome respite but I hadn’t recovered.

it was a welcome distraction looking around Spanish Town Houses and Apartments, however, my dream has always been to travel throughout Europe in a Motorhome, that includes places in more Northern parts of Europe that are too cold to do in Winter so really have to be done in late Spring and Summer.  Not being able to work to the ‘Original’ plan, our Plan ‘B’ was to work for perhaps three or four Summer Seasons until we had enough Capital to either purchase and furnish our ‘bolt hole’, or once we had the Capital in the Bank with any Interest it earned, keep it until we had finished our travels and retire back to ‘bricks and mortar’, but then do the full touring thing. So spending all our savings on an apartment in Spain had never been an option that either of us had considered.

It was Shazza that made me take my blinkers off, she asked a pretty good question, “Who said that our ‘bolt hole’ had to be in the UK ?” I have to admit that she had actually made a very good point. In the short-term, whilst we were working for the Caravan Club we would always headed South to either Portugal or Spain for our Winter Sun break, Morocco now being ruled out as a third option. Generally we would be working eight month contracts, from the middle of March to the first week in November, but before heading to our Winter sun we had things to do, family visits to conduct and the same when we returned so that meant that we really only had three months to unwind before having to return for another Eight month contract. So our conversations turned to more serious discussions about purchasing a Spanish ‘Bolt Hole’ instead of a UK home base, one which we would use during the Winter months between contracts. But that of course led me to ask the inevitable question, “What about fulfilling all our dreams of touring Europe in Big Momma ?” We discussed everything in some real depth and came to the conclusion that actually we really could have the best of both worlds !!

So, the short-term plan, if we were to purchase a property in Spain would be to leave ‘Big Momma’ in the UK at the end of our contracted Summer season, travel to the Apartment in ‘Wuxly’, it would only be a nine-hour drive from Santander, with both of us taking turns in driving we could be there in one day but then once there we would have our own transport for getting around. However, and this was the long-term important bit, once we  decide to stop doing the ‘Elf and Elfette’ stuff, whenever that may be, we would then get back to our ‘Original Plan’, to tour wherever we wanted, when we wanted and for as long as we wanted with a ‘Spanish bolt hole‘ to return to between trips !! That’s all fine and dandy of course, but first, there was a little matter of finding that all important Spanish ‘Bolt Hole’ !!

As you may recall from an earlier post, by this time we were now on our way North and were due to go to a certain ‘Iberico Pork Festival‘ but ended up back on the South East Coast just a mere 300 miles in the wrong direction !! We stayed on the Camping Bella Vista campsite, this was no coincidence as we had seen an Apartment on an Estate Agents website that we had liked, it was on a small secure gated Residential Complex with its own pool, beautifully maintained Gardens and with wonderful views of both the Mediterranean and the Andalusian Mountains. Just a fifteen minute stroll to the gorgeous ‘blue flag’ beach, a superb Marina and just thirty minutes stroll along the Promenade to the lovely town, it was perfect for our immediate and future requirements.

A wonderful pool in beautiful landscaped and well maintained gardens !!

A wonderful pool in beautiful landscaped and well maintained gardens !!

Amazing views !!

Amazing views !!

Sadly though, it was not to be, we had made what we both considered a very reasonable offer, however, it was declined and before we could put in an improved offer, the property had already been sold, we were extremely disappointed but not surprised and perhaps something was telling us that this wasn’t the one for us !!

Now I know that I keep going on about that word ‘fate’, you may also recall from an earlier post that we also extended our stay on Camping Bella Vista, that was because just before we were originally due to leave, another Apartment on the same complex went up for sale. The first one, that we had lost out on, was ‘East’ facing and measured a total floor space of Eighty Two square metres, but this, ‘new on the market’ apartment, was ‘South’ facing, One Hundred and Two square metres and came fully furnished, we quickly arranged a viewing !!

Nice South Facing balcony which the owners had installed 'Glass Curtains' to keep it useable in cooler weather.

Nice South Facing balcony which the owners had installed ‘Glass Curtains’ to keep it useable in cooler weather.

Nice big airy lounge !

Nice big airy lounge !



Guest Bedroom with Bathroom next to it

Guest Bedroom with Bathroom next to it and No the picture isn’t remaining !!

Master Bedroom with ensuite !!

Master Bedroom with en suite !!

The ‘Vendors’ were an elderly British couple who were wanting to return to the UK to be closer to family, the Apartment had certainly been well looked after and they had spent some money on improving it by installing a larger thermostatically controlled water boiler and installing more modern lighting. They had purchased in the ‘Boom’ years and they realised that they were going to take a big hit on it, the recent drop in the value of the Euro against UK Sterling had not helped their situation either.

We went away and discussed what we had seen, it was perfect, we wanted a place for ourselves, a home rather than a holiday let and this fitted the bill perfectly, we wanted to have South facing so that we had Sunshine most of the day and this Apartment had that. Other than the sizeable pool and the wonderful well maintained garden area on this small complex, we would also be just a short stroll from the Beach, Marina and Town. We had Estepona within seven miles, Gibraltar just thirty-minutes drive away, Marbella within half an hour, Malaga (and the International Airport) within an hour, both Seville and Granada within a three-hour drive, the Algarve four hours and of course we were surrounded by the Andalusian Mountains. We didn’t want to lose this one so we went for a second viewing the following day and made our ‘offer‘ directly to the ‘Vendor’, after a short delay the Estate Agent sent us a text and stated that our offer had been accepted !!

That was just Eight weeks ago and on Wednesday 15th April we received formal confirmation from our Solicitor in Spain that ‘Completion’ had taken place and that we now own our very own ‘Spanish Bolt Hole’ !!

Some may view this as a very short-lived full timing adventure, but actually it isn’t, it is actually about ‘us‘ getting back to now having secured what was the ‘Original‘ dream. In the short-term, whilst we continue with our ‘Elf and Elfette’ duties we will use the Apartment for our Winter breaks, but once we decide to stop working, our much wider extended periods of travelling around Europe will commence !! We will still spend some time in the UK, especially now that we are soon to have twin granddaughters and we still have family and friends here, but also, we will not be restricted to just using the Apartment in Winter, we can use it whenever we want throughout the year.

That is what is so great about our lives now, we certainly have the freedom to make changes, and make changes to plans that we do make, there is only one thing that is for certain, that is that ‘Life is not a Dress Rehearsal‘, you only get one attempt at it so go and live it whilst you can !!

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59 Responses to A Life With A Freedom To Make Changes !!

  1. Tracey Thomas says:

    Great news you two. My father in law owned a villa at Hacienda Guadeloupe just up the road from Duquesa and we had lots of very happy holidays in that part of southern Spain. Estepona is a lovely town as you say – hope you have very many happy years there. Lots to look forward to now when you finally retire and are free to go where you like when you like! Tracey

  2. rick lyon says:

    looks a superb home,have you secure parking for motorhome? know several folks who have settled out there,they all seem very content.

    • We have a parking space for the car within the gated complex. At the moment we do not need a place for ‘Big Momma’ but will look for local storage for when we need it 👍🏻

  3. Jan Musto says:

    Wow Eric, what a surprise!! But it certainly is lovely in Duquesa, we loved it!! How exciting!!

  4. Mike Fisher says:

    Blimey! Congratulations both of you! I’ve heard of bringing something back with you…… 🙂 now when’s my next holiday off work……just to make sure its ok of course 😉 And on another note, we plan on going FT into the Fluffy Duster in July & making a trip up to you guys in September…but more of that later!

    • Let us know nearer the time, we can consult our roster and try to see if we are on time off for your visit. Looking forward to seeing you both again, it’s been a long time, so much to talk about 😄

  5. Flykiller says:

    Blimey that was a surprise. However, you need to do what suits you now so good luck. I’m hoping for something similar when I stop work, a foreign bolt hole and travelling Europe – hopefully avoiding any further work! Mine is a dream you are actually doing it!

    • Dreams remain dreams until you make them happen 😉 Believe me, it was a surprise decision for us as well, not taken lightly but when all the stars are aligned……… 😊

  6. noggin says:

    Congratulations Eric & Shazza!! – a great choice of area for the reasons you’ve stated and the apartment looks superb. A new dimension is now added to your adventures, How about naming the apartment ‘Mamá Grande’!!!?

  7. tomhope2421 says:

    Well that was unexpected! I’m very pleased for you however and the apartment looks just so. I too believe in fate and I’m sure that this is all happening for a good reason. We are a month in to our new lifestyle now and it’s going we’ll albeit bloody hard work at times, we are using this season to make a decision on our future and move on from there. Wherever you are and whatever you do, be happy 👍🏻😃

    • Thanks Tom, yes it is physically demanding, but it’s good to work in the fresh air and to have lots of people to chat with 😄 the good thing is that you do have a certain freedom now to consider options 👍🏻

  8. Norman Lazarus says:

    You are now banned from the Motorhome365 forum unless they have a a sister site Motorhome240… but seriously guys, good luck & I hope that your plans deliver what you hope for. Now, I must head up to Berwick to mess up a few toilet blocks…

  9. Congratulations……….. if you hadn’t gone full-timing you would never have found that place and would never have known that was what you wanted to do. You have weighed up all the options and have come up with a great solution. Hope you are very happy. Shame you have to wait until November to be able to enjoy it. Will be visiting that area in the next couple of months so will be thinking of you. Definitely visiting Seville – particularly because you and Shazza have raved over it so much.

    • Hi Wendy, well thank you. You are right, if we were still in a conventional life we wouldn’t be doing any of this and would still be ‘dreaming’. We can’t wait for November to come around but each month that passes we put money back into the ‘Savings Fund’ 👍🏻 I think you will enjoy Seville, if you don’t I will definitely want to know why 😄

  10. John Strange says:

    Congratulations my friend, may you both have many happy years there, and of course, on your adventures!

  11. Baxterbus says:

    That’s ace! Well done you two and many congratulations on your new home. Loving the spare-bedroom, got our names all over it :). Bet you can’t wait for the end of the season now and don’t blame you.

    • Hi Sandra, you may have to share ‘your room’ with several others, looks like we may need several sets of Bunk Beds 😂😂 We are just getting on with our Elf & Elfette duties and getting some money back into the Savings Pot 😧

  12. Paul Jackson says:

    Many congratulations to you both! We’re considering something similar (at least it’s one of the options). I’m currently checking out the differences between UK & Spanish wills and inheritance tax, but at least I have 3 years to clarify all of that before we retire.

    Hopefully after an 18 month wait and 2 court cases we should get our campervan conversion this afternoon – we’re both giddy with excitement but bottling it up as we’ve been let down at the 11th hour so many times before. But if it happens then this will be the first day of our ‘great adventure’.

    • Hi Paul, hope all goes well for you and you can start enjoying your own adventure. As for the Spanish Wills and the buying process, if you need any information then drop me an Email as we have made Soanish Wills (to UK Inheritance Laws) 👍

  13. DebsK says:

    Wow Eric and Sharon, you dark horses !!! Your new place looks absolutely stunning and I’m thrilled for you, I think you can now incorporate everything you want in your adventures. As you say you have to give these things a try before you really know what it’s going to be like, fulltiming is for some and not others, we will find out in due course, lol x I bet you can’t wait for the end of your contract to get over there now 🙂 Lots more to add but not in the blog, if you know what I mean, we’ll be in touch xx

    • Thanks Debs, we kept stum because buying property, especially abroad, is not always straightforward, so we waited until it was all signed, sealed and delivered 😄 Lots of people keep a property, although in the main it is in the UK, ours just happens to be in Spain 😎 We are waiting to find out more about your ‘Lits more to add’ comment so Email or Skype please, sooooooon !!

  14. nicaf says:

    Wow. We didn’t see that one coming. Oh well, we will have someone to call in when we are in that area of Spain! Hope you are both well and enjoying your Elf and Elfette duties. We head out to France at the end of this month to the campsite in the Lot. Keep in touch and good luck! Best Wishes from Nick and Cathy

  15. Great news guys – I’ve been following you both for a while now and we are just setting out on our Grand fulltime touring adventure, I hope we end up as happy as you are. Kimm

  16. Tracey says:

    Wow didn’t expect that, just yet, but brilliant news enjoy x

    • Thanks Tracey, I know I keep saying it but we really had no plans to buy a property in Spain, it was one of those ‘flexible’ spur of the moment decisions. However, we have now started on the path back to our ‘original’ dream 😄

  17. Barry says:

    Good decision and the apartment looks excellent; as you say, flexibility and a number of Plan Bs allow the right decisions to be made – good luck and when are you taking ‘paying guests’?

    • Thanks Barry, now then, whilst we already have been inundated with requests for visits, however, you are the first to mention ‘Paying Guest’ so have jumped straight to the top of the list 😂😂

  18. Debs says:

    Wow Congratulations to you both it looks fantastic so pleased for you…….
    I hope things are going well in Berwick. bet you cant wait to go back to your new home now…… so exciting 🙂

    • Thanks Debs, I guess a bit of ‘fate’ and a bit of ‘right place, right time’ had a lot to do with it 😄 Love Berwick, the campsite, the location and our Wardens, who really are lovely people 👍🏻 November is too far away to think about, we have Shazza’s BIG birthday at the end of the week, then the birth of our twin granddaughters in August, then my Birthday, before we even get to the Apartment 😄

  19. Graham and Sue Baines says:

    Eric and Shazza
    Congrats to the both of you on this the next stage of life’s great adventure. I am so pleased that you have found such a beautiful looking bolt hole and we are sure that you will be very happy when you finally get to “settle down for the night” come November. One absolute plus point must be that Eric will no longer need to do the “all tanks emptied” routine.

    The pictures of the apartment look lovely and I see that there is a nice balcony where Eric can do his morning kick-start (an absolute essential in my own particular circumstance) and you can both enjoy those morning coffee’s together watching the sunrise (I hope I’m painting a lovely picture for you both).

    We don’t actually know the Estapona region ourselves, but we have been very lucky in that my Mum and Dad built and owned their own Villa to the East of Malaga just outside the village of Arenas in the mountains above Torre Del Mar and i loved nothing more than rising early and sitting by the pool with my first coffee and cigarette of the day and watching the sunrise above the mountain tops – I envy you both.

    I hope that you have managed to get to the bottom of the bout of illness/lethargy that you have been suffering now that you are back in the UK and that you are enjoying you Elf duties together.

    Sue and I are still looking for our own “Big Momma” ( I have settled on the future name of Gulliver for the obvious and not to subtle a reason and have narrowed our choices on either the Autotrail Comanche such as Big Momma, the Autotrail Savannah (either Tag axle or single axle with the slightly shorter lounge or possibly the Delaware. (I’m a bit dubious about the shorter lounge as I Like to have a Man Nap sometimes in the afternoon being of such a tender age, but we wonder whether the single bed layout may work best on those hot nights in southern climes when I think that sleeping next to a human furnace such as Sue may be a little difficult in an Island Double) – any thoughts or comments on the for”s and against’s of the Island Bed would be appreciated. Also I wonder whether or not the extra length within the lounge area that the Tag axle layout will provide will be as useful as I think for those Man Nap’s or as Sue believes will we be living outside more than inside and that I can take my recuperation outside in the sun – again any thoughts

    We have now got the house on the market and are waiting with crossed fingers for a buyer so the we can then downsize and release the capital for the purchase of the MH and we are visiting the Peterborough Motorhome Show this weekend looking for more inspiration and pointers where we can – I want to research on the feasibility of fitting a motorcycle carrier on the tow-bar of the MH in order to carry a small scooter or motorbike rather than carry a couple of pedal cycles, basically because I am a bit of a lazy bugger and would rather use engine power over pedal power or foot power whenever possible.

    Looking forwards to your further adventures and catch you again soon

    Graham and Sue

  20. Well done Eric (and Shazza). Great choice – best of both worlds. As an aside are you feeling completely better now? All looks like good news. Whatever – keep writing the blog! (Please). Roland

    • Thank you Roland & Claire. Yes I am back to full health again thank goodness, I am guessing just a combination of a dodgy meal in Marrakesh followed by lots of anxiety and sleepless nights due to the prolonged ‘fuel contamination’ incident. I really am in a quandary though about the blog especially under the guise of a ‘Motorhome Travel Blog’ !! I have seriously considered perhaps just taking a break from it until we resume our travels again in ‘Big Momma’. I have had a lot of interest in my ramblings but are these all people who are interested in Motorhome travels, I really do not know ? I have really enjoyed writing about our adventures so if I stop will it be me that misses not doing it ? I have considered starting a new blog to write about our part-time living in Spain over the Winters as we will still be doing lots of exploring, I really do not know but I am extremely grateful to everyone who has been following our adventures.

  21. Martin says:

    Eric, I have really enjoyed following your adventure, don’t stop blogging! Oh I nearly forgot, congratulations on your new home. Regards Martin

  22. Glad you’re back to full health and the Bolt Hole looks lovely. I hope you will both be very happy there.

    I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blogs which were very informative and have helped me to decide whether or not the life would suit me. I’ve decided that it wouldn’t, full time, but probably on a part time basis I would enjoy it.

    I think you should continue writing a blog from wherever you happen to be. It’s like having a conversation with friends you haven’t seen for a bit.

    Good luck for your futures, whatever you decide to do.

    • Aw thank you Anne, I am glad that you have been able to make a decision and that my ramblings have in some way helped you with this. Surprisingly, Sharon has suggested that I should keep the blog going !! I will keep it going for the time being as we are still living in the van fulltime and will be having Shazza Expeditions aplenty 😄

  23. Congratulations Eric and Sharon! Your new part time abode looks amazing and it seems that you have organised the best of both worlds – winter sun and the ability to continue your travel adventures. Glad to hear you have sorted out your health issues Eric.

  24. Eric,, from the amount of comments to this post I think you can safely say that people DO enjoy reading your blog. It’s not just about travelling but a way of life that a lot of people can only dream about but at least they can share with you vicariously. We have never met but it would be like losing touch with an old friend if you stop. Keep going, even if it’s just occasionally.

    • Thanks Wendy, very nice and much appreciated words. I know from the views that there were a lot of people following our Adventure but I did think it was more the Motorhome/Travel combination that kept their interest. We may not have met but that doesn’t mean that we won’t, somewhere, someday 😉

  25. carla en cor says:

    Wow! Congrats to the both of you…,we hope and already know you are going to enjoy it!!!
    Cor has just left for Portugal this morning…i still have some appointments at the hospital and will follow him as soon as possible….big hug you two

    • Thanks Carla, we certainly hope that it lives up to expectations, we are sure it will. We haven’t stopped Motorhoming just not travelling in it as much over the next year or two, but we still plan on touring Europe !! Give our regards to Cor when you next speak, good luck with the appointments 👍🏻

  26. Chris/ Belgian Beauty says:

    Oh, wow, what an adventure! Glad you are feeling healthy again! And congrats on your fantastic new dwelling! I have been thinking in the same direction, more than once already. So your stories give me hope! We will probably visit in Berwick, because we are heading for Scotland in May/June.
    All the best!

  27. lyssagransby says:

    which room is our one ???
    Great write up of a delicate subject, well done ,
    I spoke with N&C the other day as they are coming to see our “Pile ” next week, his comment was that if he buys in Portugal then between us we have France , Spain and Portugal covered for holidays :O)
    So glad it all went through well , we are still waiting, should be our by 18 June , the French love their paperwork!
    Hope to see you over the winter period as we are heading down the East coast of Spain from France this year, well we have done Portugal, it rained, done Sicily it snowed , Spain has to be better .
    S&L xxx

    • The guest room of course, with the lovely view of the sparkling pool 😄 Tell Nic & Cath that they have to buy in Pietugal now, I like having choices of places to crash 😂😂 Look forward to hearing your News on completion in June, then you can really ‘build’ upon your dreams 👍🏻 You have our number guys so just keep in touch and let us know when you are headed for our neighbourhood 😉

  28. nomaggsrush says:

    Congratulations, your new ‘adobe’ looks super. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s all about what’s best for you guys. I’d love to be able to afford a little place in south- west France to use as my base … think of the savings in channel crossings!
    As for blogging – slightly alter the title, but don’t stop. It may start out as a motorhoming blog but I’m sure we all read each others blogs because of the personality/outlook similarities that cause us to become adventurers in the first place and as yet there is no-one who makes quite such awful puns as you …
    I’m one female who loves puns and has even been known to make a few herself, I learnt from my Dad, a true Professor, his were even worse than yours but keep practicing!!!

    • Well thank you, as you say, we have adopted the attitude that it is our life and our money so we will do what we want with both !! People always have an opinion and they are entitled to it. As for awful ‘puns’ (let alone any good ones that may inadvertently get slipped in) I am sure I don’t know what you mean 😄

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