Easter Eggs, Sunshine and Ice Cream !!

We have just about completed our first month here at Berwick and boy doesn’t time fly ! Whilst we have had days off in that time we have been unable to have any ‘major’ expeditions yet, as other priorities have had to take precedence, the biggest one was to finally get around to sorting out the leak on the van. We discovered the leak last year whilst we were on the West Coast of Scotland during our first ‘Elf & Elfette’ season. At the time I established that the leak was coming from the rear mounted cycle carrier, but with four supporting brackets and eight bolt holes I didn’t establish where the water was entering. I conducted a ‘temporary’ fix, which just so happened to work so well that I forgot about it, that was until we arrived here and suffered from gale force winds and rain. So I had no option, ‘Big Momma’ is our home and like any home, repairs and maintenance need to be conducted, and this repair needed sorting as a matter of urgency so a day and a half off was spent in doing a ‘proper job’ this time !

Now most of my regular readers are well aware of my renowned DIY prowess but ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man‘ as the saying goes. I wanted to do the job properly so that meant removing the cycle carrier completely, all the brackets and the retaining bolts, and then hoping that a big neon arrow would light up in front of my eyes with one of those conversation cloud type things that you see in cartoon strips, this one would say something like “Eric, this is where the water is getting into the van“. Now I can hear you laughing, but you can stop that right now, okay, so there was no neon lit arrow, nor was there a cloud, but there was something that was just as good……… one of the eight retaining bolts, only the one mind, and it had rust on it !! Everything was stripped down, the old sealant was cleaned off, the existing rubber seals were checked for cracks or any signs that they were perished, fortunately they weren’t, so it was then a time-consuming matter of re-sealing everything and putting it all back together again. Now all I needed was a good downpour to see if my ‘permanent‘ water tight repair was ‘water tight‘. However, since proudly completing my great DIY project the weather has turned and not one rain cloud has been in sight, I guess I could always turn a hose on it but I decided to savour my success for a little while, just in case it is short-lived and I have to engage the services of someone who actually knows what they are doing !!

We have had some respite however, we even managed to conduct a brief reconnaissance of the local area for future some ‘Expeditions’, well a short drive to ‘Seahouses’, a small coastal town just a few miles South where we can take boat trips to, and around, the ‘Farne Islands’.

On Easter Sunday we had a half day off, so with a lovely sunny afternoon at our disposal we drove across the Border into Scotland, just five miles away, to ‘Paxton House and Gardens‘.

Lovely gardens to wander through at Paxton House

Lovely gardens to wander through at Paxton House

By the time we arrived the kids 'Easter Egg Hunt' was well and truly over, but look what we found !!

By the time we arrived the kids ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ was well and truly over, but look what we found !!

Some sort of Modern Art !!

Some sort of Modern Art lurking in the woods !!

The 'River Tweed', this is the River that flows into the sea at Berwick.

The ‘River Tweed’, this is the River that flows into the sea at Berwick.




It had been good to get out and enjoy a walk in the sunshine but we were both feeling a little tired so we decided to head back to ‘Big Momma’ and just put our feet up for the rest of the day. However, on the way back, not far from the campsite, we saw a sign for a beach and so decided to take an unscheduled diversion. Sometimes, just wandering off down a side road can reap rewards…………..



We parked up on the cliff top with the most amazing views of a lovely beach and the sea and very conveniently there was an ice cream van parked nearby, well it would have been rude not to have indulged now wouldn’t it, so we sat for half an hour or so, just staring out onto the most wonderful seascape eating our ice creams, a wonderful end to a relaxing Easter Sunday afternoon, ‘Easter Eggs, Sunshine and Ice Cream‘.

Easter Monday arrived and when we awoke we were greeted by quite a thick shroud of mist, we could hear the sea but for now we couldn’t actually see it !! We had visitors arriving to spend the day with us, Margaret and Tom, Shazza’s  Aunt and Uncle, they were travelling up from Doncaster and staying overnight in a local hotel. They arrived mid-morning and after a Cuppa and a chat we went for a walk along the ‘Spittal’ seafront, just enough of a walk to build up an Apetite for lunch back at ‘Big Momma’. That was followed by us giving them a guided tour of our Campsite before heading off into town for the afternoon and evening.

Now I can't quite recall this particular topic of conversation, but looking at what Margaret is doing with that Chicken Wing and the laughter on Shazza and Toms faces, I am pretty certain that it would probably have been unprintable !!

Now I can’t quite recall this particular topic of conversation, but looking at what Margaret is doing with that Chicken Wing and the laughter on Shazza and Toms faces, I am pretty certain that it would probably have been unprintable !!

It was good to see them both and that is the good thing about being at this location as opposed to where we were last year, we are now close enough for relatives and friends to come and visit.  So, although we have been here for almost a month, we have already had two visits from relatives and identified locations for our future ‘Expeditions’, we still have another seven months to enjoy them so what’s the rush ?

Hopefully, in my next post I will have some exciting news about yet another ‘new‘ adventure within our wider ‘Big Adventure‘, but you will just have to wait for that one…….

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14 Responses to Easter Eggs, Sunshine and Ice Cream !!

  1. Debs says:

    Belated Happy Easter to you both:-)
    What a beautiful beach you found.. looks lovvely….. Its hard to believe that you have been there a month already. I hope all is going well and you are enjoying yourselves
    Cant wait to hear about your new adventure 🙂

    • Thanks Debs, hope you had a nice Easter too 😉 We are really enjoying ourselves, the site is lovely, the location is brilliant and our Wardens are absolutely brilliant 👍

  2. Chris/ Belgian Beauty says:

    A month already?? Time flies indeed! Still lovely to follow you and read about your small and big adventures. Taki g down a bike rack is what we call a big adventure!! ;-)) fortunately it turned out well! All the best.

    • Hi Chris, well I guess I was playing down the DIY bit, I didn’t have too much of a clue but just decided that if I could put it back in the reverse order that I took it off then how hard can it be !! There may have been one or two expletives but in the main it went quite well. The hardest bit was stripping off the old sealant, off the van and the rubber seals !! Hopefully we will soon have better posts for you to read 😄

  3. Tracey says:

    Can’t believe a month has passed already and the suspense of waiting for your next blog to pop up in my in box is very much in evidence. Enjoy the weather.

    • Thanks Teacey, the weather is pretty good at the moment but I dare say it will deteriorate again before the Summer arrives proper 😊 Penning my next post already, not sure how my loyal followers will react to it though 😳

  4. nicaf says:

    Glad you are both settled at Berwick, and that you seem to have identified the leak. We are nearing the end of our time in the UK – it has been hectic! Mind you some important jobs done, including the ordering of two electric bikes!! Now that has surprised you. We have had a towbar fitted so we can carry the bikes on a towbar mounted carrier. Bikes arrive next Monday so we can test the set up! Anyway keep in touch and hopefully we will catch up in Portugal later in the year

    • Hi Nick & Cath, wish we had known you were after Electric Bikes, we are thinking about putting ours up for sale and buying ‘Hybrids’. When do you start your new season ? We won’t be in Portugal this Winter but we will explain why in our next post 😉

  5. Baxterbus says:

    Good to see you are enjoying yourselves whilst you work – photos are lovely.

  6. carlaencor says:

    Paxton……GREAT…..looks like its worth while to visit some day……
    Great hearing from you again….I was wondering if you’d get lost in the UK….lol……big hug from us, still in “Holland”………….almost ready to start our wandering around in Portugal………

    • There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in the UK, many that rival those in Mainland Europe, unfortunately the unpredictable summer weather is the downside. When do you leave Holland to venture South again ?

  7. debsk31 says:

    Hi Eric and Sharon, good to hear you’re both well, enjoyed Easter and having visitors. We’ve spent Easter at St.Davids, beautiful area but a long way off the beaten track, combined this with visiting relatives in different parts of Wales so mission accomplished, lol. Looking forward to hearing your news 😃 …

    • Hi Debs, St David’s is a bit out of the way but lovely location and nice walks along the Coastal Footpath 😄 We are looking forward to doing some exploring but April is just flying away, next long days off spent having to Service & MOT van 😟 but still plenty of time and at least weather is improving 😎

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