A Winters Walk But In A Spanish Style !!

Thursday 19th February 2015

We had one hell of a battering last night, there was a storm raging outside, no rain just extremely strong winds of the 30mph plus variety, we could hear the waves roaring in and then the crashing sound as they broke high up on the beach, that didn’t bother us so much, but the shaking and constant buffeting of the van, which was not being caused by ‘anything’ going on inside the van I hasten to add, did make for a very restless nights sleep. However, by morning it was a relative calm again, the wind was still blowing but not the same as it had been during the night, the sun was shining, there was a blue sky with some patchy white clouds, much like someone had got a cotton wool ball and had pulled it apart. We Shazza decided it would be nice to just go for a walk, we had no particular destination in mind, just a matter of stepping out on to the Promenade and seeing where we ended up.

If you discount the few ‘stressful’ moments that you can encounter in this lifestyle, reversing out of narrow roads, driving through major towns with roads not made for large Motorhomes, but just about wide enough for a ‘disabled scooter, not being able to get ‘fresh milk’ to put on one’s corn flakes or even that odd mishap when someone puts water into your fuel tank instead of Diesel, but I am getting over that trauma now, then this life is absolutely wonderful. Some people ask questions about ‘What are the best bits‘, to be honest, that is a difficult one to answer because the majority of it is all absolutely fantastic. However, it was whilst out walking that we both felt a sort of indescribable inner peace, a contentment, the feeling that says ‘This is what it is really all about‘, well for us at least. We haven’t travelled very far yet, Country wise rather than mileage, but there is something very special about this place, I don’t mean Spain, I don’t mean the Campsite, but I mean here, this place called La Duquesa. With the ‘Blue Flag’ beach that stretches for miles, the Promenade, that stretches for miles, the ‘Andalusian Mountains’ as a backdrop and of course the extremely temperate climate, this place I think is our ‘Nirvana’ !!

Our walks to date have had a purpose, to visit the quaint former fishing village, the nearby Marina and the town of ‘Sabinillas’, but today we had no purpose, it was just a walk and we ended up doing 10km without even realising it. Just a few of the views we encountered on our little jaunt……..











Would make nice day boats !!

Would make nice day boats !!


It's hard work this 'strolling' lark !!

It’s hard work this ‘strolling’ lark !!




I hope you enjoyed the views as much as we did, I shall have to see where I can take you tomorrow…………………………….

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16 Responses to A Winters Walk But In A Spanish Style !!

  1. Steve & Lys says:

    I see what you mean , it looks like a stunning area, can you get long term discount on the site ??
    What’s the distance from there to Santander ??
    Enjoy your trip North West xx

    • Yes, according to Roy (Twernt on Tour) who has checked it out for a 3 month stay later this year (Winter) it works out at around €14 per night + EHU. Well worth every penny, pristine site, beach front location, amazing places on the doorstep !! It is 644 miles from Santander, straight down Motorway to Seville, then across on good dual carriageway to Outskirts of Algeciras, then onto AP7/A7 to site entrance, very easy drive for large vehicles. Plenty of Aires to stop between Santander – Seville, only a 3 hour run from there 👍 We will be in this area for Christmas/New Year as will Roy & Amanda so could be a good meeting point 😄

  2. Bettie Hawthorne says:

    hi Eric and Shazza, with the non-existent wifi in Morocco have just caught up with your adventures – oh dear what a dreadful time you had with the fuel here! fingers crossed we are ok. Enjoying Morocco – desert and snow in two days! Your site at the moment sounds really great – enjoy – Dave and Bettie

    • Just try to stick to Shell or Total service stations, but it could have happened anywhere really, just unfortunate for us it was in a Country not covered by our RAC Breakdown Cover !! Glad you are enjoying yourselves, have you been to Agadir yet ?

  3. Looks amazing. Are they lava sand beaches? Very similar to the beaches in some Asian countries we have visited? Only 21 sleeps to go and it all starts for us. Looking forward to “nirvana”! 👌👌

  4. smurfinguk says:

    Beautiful spotby the look of your photos. Still waiting to get out in our new to us van. Have headed to Dublin for a weekend break by car. Will keep Duquessa in mind for next winter.

    • Enjoy Dublin, haven’t been there ourselves but heard that it is a beautiful city. This site is very popular so you may want to consider booking in advance if you plan on staying here 👍

  5. debsk31 says:

    Fantastic photos Eric, who knows if the house sells quickly we might join you next Christmas!! half day Friday only 3 hours to go, yippee. Looking forward to the next batch of photos xx

    • We both remember Friday’s, longing for them to come around again every Monday morning 😔 we will keep our fingers crossed that the house sells quickly for you 👍 There could be a right gang of us at Christmas 😄😎

  6. Baxterbus says:

    photos are gorgeous, looks like you have found your ‘spot’, leave a towel there ready for next winter as your advertising is going to have it filling up fast.

  7. Thomas Hope says:

    Looks lovely there, i must get around to reserving a pitch too! By the way, we have good news! email inbound 🙂

  8. Cathy Heaton says:

    Hey you two! We spent New Year at Bella Vista (with friends who will shortly start their second season with the Caravan Club) and had a fab time there! Would have stayed longer had we not needed to rush through the East coast of Spain (which we were pleasantly surprised with!) in order to get to the French Alps for our month long ski break! Some lovely walks there and the marina is delightful with some good (and cheap!) restaurants! I know you like the “occasional” grape juice (!) but if you like the fizzy variety, the local Mercadona do a fabulous one at just under $3! It’s seriously good (“Canals and something …??? Has two metal clips attached to the cork). We cleared the shelves in prep for our New Year! Do say hi to Bob and Hillary for us who should still be at Bella Vista in their RV. A young couple who also boogied the night away with us at New Year (82 and 79 years young respectively!) They have visited every state in the US in an RV and have also been to Morocco – a lovely couple you will have a good laugh with! Enjoy! (ps we are now in Germany – Dethleffs factory next week – and still over a month behind with our blog!) xx

    • I think that now Xmas/New Year festivities over the Restaurant and Social activities have quietened down. We haven’t met your ‘youngsters’ but then again we haven’t used the restaurant !! The Marina is fantastic, went and had a ‘Thai’ meal there this evening, fantastic food and brilliant service, especially the ‘complimentary’ brandy at the end 😄 Done a lot of walking here and exploring the surrounding area (on foot), this is certainly our ‘Nirvana’ and we will be back !! Enjoy your factory visit and Germany, that too is a truly beautiful country 👍

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