It’s Just A Simple Matter Of Courtousy !!

We were both feeling so much better, no coughs, no sneezes no French diseases !! Of course we celebrated in the only way that Shazza knew how, she took me for a walk, first to the Supermarket and then to the Central Market, oh joy of joys !! After our previous day’s visit to the Kasbah, followed by our ‘stroll’ on the beach and now our bit of retail therapy she let me spend the rest of the day doing what I have become so proficient at, getting horizontal on the sun chair, enjoying the afternoon sunshine, a spot of people watching with the odd moment, here and there, of indulging in moments of ‘Personal Contemplation’, so, as they say would say up in Yorkshire “Aye, it twer grand day“. I didn’t get off the hook totally, after our evening meal we washed the pots, then took an evening stroll along the promenade before returning to watch a DVD, ‘The Woman In Black‘. I have watched more DVD’s in the last few weeks than I have watched in a whole year in one’s former life, although in those days we did have a Television for company. Strange really, we cannot pick up any English-speaking television here in Morocco with our satellite ‘Dome‘, although we could if we had an 80cm, ‘Dish‘, we have been reliably informed by some of our fellow countrymen, who occasionally pass through with such instruments of modern technology. Some though have complained at the lack of any WiFi provision on site, although sorely tempted, I didn’t have the heart to tell them that not only did I have ‘Free’ WiFi, but through my small pieces of modern technology I could, if desired, also watch English TV or listen to BBC Radio, we do so enjoy listening to Chris Evans on weekday mornings or Steve Wrights Sunday Love Songs on a Sunday morning, but to have informed them of having these said facilities would have been churlish and only sounded like ‘Point Scoring’.

We had spoken with our French neighbours, Arlette and Gerard, about re-organising ‘Le Grande Tournament‘ but then both agreed that we would call it a ‘Draw’ and spend the hours that we would have done on the ‘Petanque’ battleground a little more constructively, like getting horizontal on the sun chairs, not together you understand, we havent as yet become that friendly !! I think that The truth of the matter was that they were actually running scared, they had seen that their ‘French infections’ had not killed us off and our recoveries relatively swift, yes, we ‘Brits’ are built of stern stuff. You would have thought that they would have learnt this from historical events, we suffered ‘Mad Cow Disease’ but still ate Beef and lived to tell the tale. However, not one’s to falter in our obligations we agreed to proceed with the evening festivities and requested their presence at the ‘Eric and Shazza‘ residence at 6pm for ‘Aperitifs‘ and ‘Le Nibbles‘, Shazza style !!

I am not sure what they were expecting, probably ‘Nuts and Crisps’ but they got a bit more than that, Shazza really did us proud and boy what a spread she put on. As you may imagine, after having already suffered from Gerard’s method of drinks measures, we kept him away from ‘pouring drinks’ duties. However, we did need to get to grips with our ‘Franglish’ so the bottles and the glasses didn’t stay full for very long and by 1:30am we were ‘trying‘ to dispose of ‘empties‘ in the large on site refuse bin as quietly as possible, well as you may imagine, we were not very successful with the ‘quiet’ part of our mission. I still cannot fathom out what can be so funny about the simple task of trying to walk, albeit ‘unsuccessfully’, in a straight line to a humongous green wheelie bin, opening the rather large lid of said bin, whilst trying to balance several bottles under one’s armpits, in between one’s knees and anywhere else that was available, then place said bottles inside the bin, without making a noise that would wake our slumbering neighbours. We failed miserably, but I am certain that the ‘Ssshh‘ noises emanating from our female counterparts were much louder than the crashing of our bottles on the bottom of the bin, but how did we know that the bin had been emptied earlier the previous day !!

Of course I love you Shazza, I sold my house and all my furniture to come and live like a 'Gypsy' in a plastic box on wheels, didn't I ?

Of course I love you Shazza, I sold my house and all my furniture to come and live like a ‘Gypsy’ in a plastic box on wheels, didn’t I ?

"Oh look what I just happened to find !! Another excellent vintage, Carrefour 2013 I believe"

“Oh look what I just happened to find !! Another excellent vintage, Carrefour 2013 I believe”

"A toast to absent friends and that chap Jack Daniels"

“A toast to absent friends and that chap Jack Daniels”


Ooh Heck ! Where did these empties come from ?

Ooh Heck ! Where did these empties come from ?

"Has anyone seen Gerard, I last saw him hanging over the wheelie bin" !!

“Has anyone seen Gerard, I last saw him hanging over the wheelie bin” !!

As you may gather from the above evidence, a good night (and morning) was had by all !!

We awoke, at some point, the following morning, and yes we needed the sunglasses because it was another very sunny day, I cannot think of another reason why we would need them !! We decided to forego the morning stagger to collect the baguette, fortunately, Arlette and Gerard had decided they needed to do some shopping and so brought one back for us. I wish I could remember whether we did or didn’t actually do anything that day but seeing as I can’t perhaps it’s just best if we move on !!

At some point, apparently, I had agreed, that today (Saturday), we would walk the full length of the beach, barefoot, on the sand and paddling in the sea, have a picnic on the dunes at the far end, before walking all the way back again !! Well I guess if Shazza says that I said it, it must be true mustn’t it ? We packed our picnic and off we went, there is something quite relaxing just walking on the sand with the cool, but not cold, sea water running over your feet and hearing the sounds of the breakers crashing a few feet away onto the shore.

I could stand for hours, totally mesmerised by the sound and sight of the sea !!

I could stand for hours, totally mesmerised by the sound and sight of the sea !!




There can be no better ways of spending a January day !!

There can be no better ways of spending a January day !!

We were within striking distance of our goal, and more importantly, lunch, when a ‘Security Guard’ stood in a little wooden hut, signalled to us that we could go no further. I made my way up from the shoreline to where he was standing, radio in hand. “What’s the problem” I asked, “It is a Military Zone” he responded. He had a gun strapped to his Side so I didn’t think it was a good idea to try to argue the toss !! I asked if I could take a photograph of the dune, he said, “Do you have a Million Dirham“, “I don’t, but I will ask the boss” I replied, pointing to Shazza who was still stood down at the water’s edge. He looked at her and then turned to me with a big smile on his face and said, “She cannot have any money, she cannot afford to put shoes on her feet“. I liked this guy, firstly, he spoke excellent English, secondly, he had a sense of humour and thirdly, he had the gun !! Oh yes, and he let me take a photograph of this not very impressive dune, but seeing as I had asked and he had agreed, I didn’t want to disappoint him or sound ungracious.

Not that impressive but apparantly it is a Million Dirham shot !!!!

Not that impressive but apparently it is a Million Dirham shot !!!!

So, we had walked all this way to eat our lunch only to be thwarted at the final hurdle !! There was nothing for it, we turned back and found ourselves a perch on the promenade wall.

Shazza and Dave do a spot of sunbathing !!

Shazza and Dave do a spot of sunbathing !!

Lunch duly consumed we commenced our walk back, we could have taken the easy route via the very nice, flat and smooth promenade with plenty of hostelries where one could have perhaps quenched one’s thirst, but no, ‘we‘ apparently ‘agreed‘ to walk back, barefoot, on the sand and paddling in the sea, it’s good for the calf muscles so I am told, by someone who wasn’t a million miles away from my side !! I am sure I could hear Dave’s muffled laughter from over my shoulder, it was alright for him, he was getting a free ride in my rucksack !! We got back to ‘Big Momma’ three hours and 12.3kms later !!

Later that evening, having spent the rest of what was left of the afternoon nursing one’s aching calf muscles, I managed to speak with Stacey and Dean via video Skype call. She was quite excited on receiving her ‘formal’ offer for the job in Australia. We discussed meeting up on our return before she departed to the other side of the world !! At least once she has re-located we can still video Skype each other, even if that does mean that one or other of us will have to be up at stupid o’Clock because of the time zone difference !!

Just by way of an update to a previous recent  post ‘A Motorcyclist, A Robbery and A Good Samaritan‘. I hadn’t seen Klaas for a few days, the last time we had spoken he was taking his Motorcycle to a local garage that serviced, repaired and maintained the Police Motorcycles. I was surprised to find that his tent and Motorcycle had gone, it appears that he left without saying goodbye !! We asked for no repayment for the phone credit he had used on my ‘spare’ phone, we asked for no repayment for the cost of the call to the Netherlands he had made on my iPhone, we were happy to bring him, a total stranger, into our ‘home’ to provide him with the means to see and speak with his family in Holland and to make arrangements to receive funds and I was happy to spend a full day of my time assisting him with getting a crime number from the Police, so I would have thought a brief visit on his departure to say goodbye would have been ‘Just A Simple Matter Of Courtousy‘………………………….


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24 Responses to It’s Just A Simple Matter Of Courtousy !!

  1. Carole and Brian says:

    Too flippin right! How damned rude. We’ve just admired with envy your pictures of you gazing out onto the white stuff .. yours, I think is called surf, ours – snow!

    • 😄 lol, well this was what escaping to the sunshine was all about, won’t be long now though and we will have to re-acclimatise back the other way !! 😱 We would think twice I think about ‘helping out’ strangers again, some people just take and have no manners 😞

  2. Baxterbus says:

    what total contrasts you have in life now – Morocco one day – Berwick on Tweed the next! Does life get any better or more interesting, I think not. Weather aside there is nowhere on earth we love being in a moho from Scotland.

    • Certainly will be a different in contrast, weather wise and working !! But at least we get an opportunity to see other parts of our country as well 👍 Already talking about next Winter, probably going to do the East Coast of Spain but it will depend on when we have to return for the following seasons contract, will be looking for only a 6 month contract not starting until May !! If that happens then we may go a bit further afield.

  3. smurfinguk says:

    Don’t let one bad apple stop you being helpful to others. Remember karma, life has a habit of giving back to you what you give out. Enjoying reading your blog while stuck here in England waiting to get our new (to us) van sorted ready to head to Spain. Stay safe travel well

  4. carla en cor says:

    indeed, not such a friendly and coutouse guy…now I feel ashamed for his rudeness….being Dutch…..assholeeeee….

    We enjoy reading your blog and always brings a smile and good laugh on my face…….did you figger out yet where the empty bottles came from………
    and if you’re up to a game of petanque……….hahaha…….

    a big hug from the two of us….

    • Hello Carla en Cor, really good to hear from you, I hope you are now fully recovered 😄 You should not feel ashamed, politeness of a person is nothing to do with what Nationality they are, Dutch, British, French etc. the majority of people we meet are extremely nice, friendly and very polite, like yourselves 😉 Still have no idea where all the empty bottles came from, I think our French neighbours must leave them for us 😂😂 I am glad you are enjoying reading the blog and that it brings a smile to your face, thank you for taking the time to read it and for keeping in touch 👍 Maybe we will see you ‘on the road’ next year 😄

  5. Shawn and Emma says:

    Great photos, can’t beat just standing being mesmerised by the site/sound of the sea. Struggled to enjoy the sea around Mull recently as most of the time it seems to be blowing a gale, oh well we did chose to live in this great out of the way place. Did manage to get of on the only ferry to run on Monday last and are now enjoying being on our own on a CL near Dumfries. We’ll gladly swap the White stuff all around us for some of that sand. 6:30 pm and temp gauge says -5 outside, think it’s gonna be a cold one, best get out the additional duvets. Enjoy the rest of your time down there and definitely don’t leave the warmth until you have to 👍

    • Hi you two 👍 Seems an age since we last heard from you but glad to see that you have escaped , well nearly 😀 Where are you heading for ? I guess we will have to start acclimatising in a ‘downward’ direction soon. Had our first ‘real’ downpour this evening, should have known better than to have washed the van today, but at least have got rid of the worst of the sand 😄

    • Shawn & Emma says:

      Yes it has been a while, but not missed reading a single blog. Reading yours and others just keeps us thinking about our future travels. Not quite escaped from Mull yet, my 3 year contract finishes 31/01/15 but being the kind hearted fool that i am said that I;d stay a little longer until a buyer is found for the site or new wardens. Hopefully that will be only a few months. The m/h has not been out much whilst on Mull, and we have been making a few changes inside so these 3 weeks away are about having a break away from the site before the new season and testing out the new changes before hitting the road full-time again. Our time will come soon I hope.

      • Well you certainly are very kind natured but it all adds to the ‘Fulltiming’ coffers I suppose 😄 Do you have any plans for an ‘escape route’ once you get on the road ? Anyway, wherever you go, whenever you go, safe travels and enjoy, you will have earned it. Perhaps we will see you ‘on the road’ next Winter 😉

  6. PaulH says:

    Great pics. The beach looks lovely. Sorry to hear about the Dutch guy, t’was rather rude of him not to leave thanks in some way. Ah well, you’ve built up some credit in the ‘bank of karma’ that will come in handy some day. Keep smiling, with a minute, how could you not…..!! 🙂

    • Thanks Paul, fortunately the majority of people that you meet, in life, not just on these travels, are nice considerate folk. In all walks of life you come across a few ‘who take’ but do not show any gratitude. We won’t waste any time worrying about Klaas, I am sure he will be just fine 😉

  7. Brian Parsons says:

    Hi guys
    Have been keeping up with your posts for some time now.
    Keep up the good work great writing style.
    Love the photo’s.
    We have just got back from 3 weeks in the south of Spain in our Kon-Tikki 669 in fact there were four of us all with tag axle Kon-Tikki’s.
    We spent Christmas at La Manga did a great Christmas dinner on our cadac BBQ’s.
    Then we moved on to Roquetas De Mar for new year.
    So looking forward to the day when do not have to come home for w!!! Thing.

    Anyway keep up the good work

    Brian & Denise.

    • Hi Brian, nice to hear from you and thank you for your nice comments on my blog 😄 we too are looking forward to the day when we don’t have to return for that ‘W’ word 😂 At the moment it is through choice that we do, it serves a purpose 😉 We will probably be doing Spain next year for the festive period.

  8. Ste T says:

    Hey up! Did you have the inane, smug grim I have when you were staring out to sea! The thoughts of “If they could see me now!” ” How lucky are we to be able to have this time” and my main one” Why didn’t I discover this life twenty years ago?” go through my mind and I can’t help smiling to myself! Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom, sun and gentle wavelets lapping your feet! Campers and 7 months in Scotland by the North Sea beckon! 😉

    • The answer, as if you didn’t already know, is, Yes, Yes and Yes 😄 I was so enjoying reading your comment until the very end when you reminded me of what was on the horizon, although I appreciate that you tried to make me feel better by reducing it to only 7 months when it will be 8 !!!!! 😂😂

      • Ste T says:

        I was trying to break you in gently! 🙂

        • It didn’t work, in fact Sharon and I have just spent the last hour talking about our next ‘assignment’, there are lots of positives, a new Campsite to work on, it’s actually walking distance to the town (Civilisation compared to last year), there are lots of new places in the area for ‘Shazza Expeditions’, the only downside is…………… 8 flipping months !!! 😪

  9. Thomas Hope says:

    A lovely read and uplifting photos as usual especially when I’m on “Dynamic” stand by at 0c in my Rapid response car! Haven’t heard anything yet but I suppose no news is good news 👍
    Enjoy 😃

  10. Debs says:

    Glad to hear your both Germ free now…… Did you drown it out with Alcohol lol !!!
    Great photos of Sunshine and the beach. (its so cold here )…. although i kept looking at your haircut giggles !!!! .
    Shame the Dutch guy didn’t say goodbye after all your help.
    Look foward to reading more and seeing more lovely sunny photos 🙂

    • I am sure the alcohol played its part in the de-tox of the bacteria 😄 Aha, haircut, yes, well overdue in those photo’s, I am now more hair tidy after a session at Shazzas Salon yesterday 😂😂

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