Thirty Pounds A Day – All Inclusive ??

When I awoke, on day twenty-six of being on this campsite, not only did I have the onset of an extremely ‘scratty’ throat, headache, watery eyes and feeling a bit ‘bunged’ up, but there was something else even worse than the beginnings of the dreaded ‘Man Flu’, something that we had not encountered since being here in Agadir …………. thick cloud, a very strong wind but more importantly NO sun !! It was still very warm but with the Windblocker panels flapping noisily, very noisily in fact, it made it less relaxing to sit in the awning enjoying my first coffee of the day and kick starting my lungs with my first cigarette than I had become accustomed to. That was another thing, when I came across to Morocco with my plentiful stash of ‘cancer sticks’, I had rather stupidly told Shazza that when they had all gone I would re-start my attempt at stopping smoking, now with just two packets left I am already regretting uttering those stupid words and have engaged the services of a Barrister…………. “Perhaps M’Lord, I should state categorically that my Client, can rightfully claim that, ‘at the time’ in question, he was being forcibly frog marched up a gang-plank onto a ferry bound for Africa, neither, I hasten to add, was my client given a correct, if any, formal caution before making such statement, which I further suggest was gained under a great deal of duress. I therefore suggest that at the time of these utterances my client was not of ‘sound mind or body’ and suffering from a ‘Temporary Insanity’ and therefore such utterances should be considered as inadmissible !! 

Although not back to full fitness, Shazza was feeling better than she had over the last three days and having being ‘confined’ she decided that her energy levels were good enough to get out of the campsite and go and do some shopping. The ‘armed’ police were still in evidence outside the site gates but now only three of them. I had to smile because over the road from the site there was a hill, from the top of the hill you could see right into the site so any would be ‘Assassin’ with a snipers rifle could do the job without having to come anywhere near the site entrance and still have time to make a getaway, no, these Policeman were just a token gesture. We first visited our now ‘local’ supermarket, the Moroccan one, To pick up some ‘Fresh Milk’ and Eggs before going into the Central Market, whilst Shazza picked her way through the produce and meat stalls I went to pick up the ingredients for my ‘Man Flu’ remedy, three large Lemons and a jar of ‘Natural’ honey, it’s always worked for me in the past, I actually cannot remember the last time that I suffered with a cold.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, it was a combination of having lunch, taking a doze on the bed, coffee outside under the awning, a few sessions of ‘Personal Contemplations’ then our evening meal. Although Shazza tentatively mentioned a bit of ‘Promenading’ and a ‘Nus Nus’, I certainly wasn’t up for it I just needed to drink another Hot Honey and Lemon and take to my bed. Before I could do that though we awaited the arrival of Klaas, he would give us an update on progress with the repairs of his motorcycle and use our WiFi to video SKYPE his family in Holland.

It was not a good night, the wind had grown even stronger, gale force, ‘Big Momma’ was being buffeted but stubbornly held her ground, we were, however, becoming concerned that perhaps we should have taken down the Windblocker during the day and rolled in the awning. I was actually pretty confident that the actual Awning wasn’t going anywhere, it was well secured with rock pegs and three storm lashings but the Windblocker fabric was only a thin nylon material, I wasn’t sure that the seams would stand this battering for very long. As well as not feeling too good, an irritating and persistent cough and a pounding head, the constant noise from the rattling of the awning poles and flapping of the fabric we also had the music from the Nightclubs !! Neither of us slept well, we were both up constantly, every time we heard the ‘ping’ of the awning poles, or an aggressive slap of the awning fabrics, if only I’d have had the forethought to check the weather forecast to see if the gales would cease, but I hadn’t and now we were paying for it by way of an extremely restless and somewhat sleepless night !!

Shazza was already up and dressed by the time I awoke at nearly 10:30am, I certainly wasn’t feeling much better, but as well as feeling as if the cold ‘virus’ was beginning to win the battle over my bodies ‘defence’ system, the tiredness didn’t help either. Shazza had now had enough of the persistent night noises keeping her awake, “I am ready to move on” she said, “Somewhere quiet“. I knew that that meant heading North, away from the heat of Agadir, and although I had been reluctant we had both started to get ‘itchy’ feet. The wind was still blowing a stiff breeze however the sun had returned, but after looking at the weather forecast, it showed another two or three days of pretty strong winds and thick cloud, so we made the decision to take down the Windblocker and roll in the awning. I was actually extremely pleased at the strength and resilience of the Windblocker fabric, these are only ever intended to be out in nothing more than a gentle breeze and by God it hadn’t half taken a hell of a battering, but it had withstood the onslaught.

Over coffee and lunch I looked at the advance weather ‘forecasts’ on two different ‘works of fiction’, they both reflected pretty much the same story, whilst Marrakesh and Fes (Morocco), Malaga and Seville (Spain) and Faro (Portugal) were all in for some warmer temperatures over the coming week, with daytime temperatures as high as 19-20 degrees(c), by next weekend they would drop down again as low as 13 degrees(c), that would be 10 degrees(c) lower than Agadir !! Perhaps I could suggest a night-time bed accessory for Shazza, a lovely set of matching ‘ear defenders’ ! As for the ‘itchy’ feet, a good scratch may help !! However, as if to prove my ‘faith’ in these ‘Works of Fiction’, today, which is supposed to be the same as yesterday, there was no thick cloud but clear blue skies, very hot and sunny and the merest hint of a breeze, at 4pm inside the van it was 29 degrees(c) and that was with the door open all day, but hey, I am not complaining, if they want to keep getting it wrong like this, carry on the good work that’s what I say !!

Now, I blame that Roy fella, there I was, sat in ‘Big Momma’ hugging my Steaming mug of Honey and Lemon, feeling sorry for myself that my ‘Man Flu’ was getting worse, which I of course blame on Shazza, who in turn blames the ‘French’, when suddenly my iPad ‘pinged‘ at me. It was an Email notifying me that I had a blog update from ‘Twernt on Tour‘. The last time I had heard from Roy was a SKYPE message telling me that he had ‘moved on’ but would not have ‘Whiffy‘ for a couple of days, so I thought that this would be his latest masterpiece, life back in the real world after luxuriating in a Villa for a couple of weeks, but no, it was his latest ‘Statistics’ !! Which served as a timely reminder that Friday 9th January marked the end of our fourth, Twenty-Eight day financial period, yes it really has been Sixteen weeks (112 days) since we got off the ferry in Santander.

My financial accounts record every penny we have spent since driving off the ferry at Santander, and yes even those sort of ‘spending pennies’ are included too, where appropriate. Every Daily Baguette or ‘Nus Nus’ purchased !! Previously, I have published my monthly expenditure showing ‘actual’ expenditure in comparison against ‘our’ allocated budgets. This time, however, I thought that I would just show ‘Actual’ expenditure on each category for the whole period (112 days), the average spend per day or week and the total ‘spend’. I know that this sort of information is ‘useful’ to those on the threshold of commencing their own adventures and those that are still in either the ‘research’ or ‘planning’ stages. We will all have our own ‘Personal’ incomes and that of course will determine the kind of budgets each ‘Individual’ allocates combined with the way that they want to live their particular lifestyle. We too are in the learning stages, we are gathering information from both our ‘Winter’ trips and making comparisons in the expenditure patterns. it should also be remembered that we have elected to take ‘Summer’ jobs, so this does give us a little more flexibility financially, however, when we decide to stop doing these jobs and ‘travel’ Fulltime we will not have this luxury and will be on a ‘fixed’ income. As and when that happens we will adopt a different financial position, instead of allocating funds, as we do now, to ‘Individual’ allocated ‘pots’ e.g. x-amount to ‘Campsites/Aires, x-amount to ‘Groceries‘, x-amount to ‘Diesel‘ etc. we will just have a set monthly amount and have to do everything within that ‘restricted’ monthly fund limit. Finally, for ease I have converted everything back to GB £Sterling based on the ‘Exchange Rates’ we have been working to in both Euro and Dirham.

Period: 20th September 2014 – 9th January 2015 (16 weeks or 112 days)

Countries: Northern Spain, Portugal, Southern Spain, Morocco

Campsites/Aires: £614 (£5.48 per day)

Personal Expenditure: £1,313 (£11.72 per day)

Note: In addition to normal daily expenditures, the above also includes – Additional expenditure during Family visit whilst in Albufiera, Return Ferry Crossing Morocco (£179), Tyre Covers (£46), Moroccan Rugs (£18) and the New Year Restaurant Festivities (£109)

Groceries: £800 (£50 per week)

Note: The above expenditure also includes, Beer, Wine, Bottled Water (Morocco), Sundry items such as Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll etc and quite a few bags of ‘anti-stoning’ Confectionary, which weren’t actually needed !!

Laundry: £46 (£2.87 per week)

Note: Shazza did a lot of hand washing, she used on-site Laundry facilities, where available, for Bedding, Towels & Jeans.

Diesel: £477 (£29.81 per week)

Note: The total mileage covered up to this point is 2,321.4 miles

LPG (GPL): £39 (£2.44 per week)

Note: When using Aires (Spain & Portugal) and Campsites (Morocco) that had EHU, Shazza used primarily the ‘Remoska’ and the ‘Electric hob’ on the cooker for the ‘majority’ of the cooking. We also used the available Electric supply for the kettle, water heating and space heating (it gets cold at night in Morocco !!)

Tolls: £34

Note: We did not have a monthly budget for this expenditure, based on our previous ‘Winter’ trip experience where we didn’t use any ‘Toll’ roads, bridges or tunnels, but knowing that on this trip we would use ‘some’ toll Motorways in Southern Spain (Seville – Algeciras) and the relatively cheap Toll Motorway in Morocco, we allocated an overall trip Allowance of £100.

So, our overall expenditure over this 16 week period (112 days) has been £3,323 which equates to £208 per week or, £30 per day (Rounded to nearest £).

Remember, these figures are purely our currenton the road‘ costs for this trip, they do not include the UK return ferry crossing, Annual Motorhome ‘Fulltiming’ Insurance, Annual Service and MOT and Annual vehicle road fund licence. There are ‘other’ costs that are associated to ‘Fulltiming’ and I would suggest, if you haven’t already done so, to read my article on ‘What does it cost’. Additionally, read ‘other’ current blogs as sometimes things can, and do, need repair or replacement so having some means to pay for the ‘unexpected’ I would say is vital.

People choose to live this ‘lifestyle‘ for many different reasons, and do so quite happily  on vastly varying  ‘Budgets‘, there is no ‘right‘ or ‘wrong‘ way, just the way that ‘you choose‘ to do it.

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21 Responses to Thirty Pounds A Day – All Inclusive ??

  1. anteater says:

    Ha ha, very funny about promising Shazza to give up smoking! Eric, I’ve got to give up sunbathing – well, not GOT to, but it makes perfect medical sense, and I guess it is the same for you really. (Both addicted!!) However, I would leave it until you get back and maybe you can get some “help” from the NHS or somewhere? I know it must be a very very difficult thing to do.
    Great to have your budget breakdown. I guess it might be an idea to work what you have spent in the 6 months, into your year’s expenditure back in the UK, as out there you are not presumably buying clothes or shoes, among other things I can’t even think of. Certainly not having a house at present is saving you annually rather a lot of money (something we won’t be able to get rid of). The way we will look at it is to say that the money we now spend on holidays (not a lot because they are always cheap ones and mostly self-catering) is the maximum we must spend a year on the entire motorhome “project”, to include repairs, tax, insurance etc. I never factor food in as you have to eat wherever you are, but I do include meals out. Being away for even a few weeks will make a saving on gas, electric etc, but we will still have to find the council tax…
    I am just going to google “remoska” as I don’t really know exactly what it is!

    • Hi Jean, great minds and all that 😄 Sharon is keeping Annual Spreadsheets for ‘All’ our Annual expenditure, she has done the first year from when we drove off the drive of our house 26 Sep 2013 to 25 Sep 2014 and is currently maintaing one for this year. That covers everything, including the car which we keep for when in the UK, Repairs and Maintenance we had done on the van before departing on this trip, as well as Service, MOT etc on the car. Also our Ferry costs for leaving the UK, So that will give us our true Annual costs, but still not a true reflection as we spent a lot of time last Winter in UK waiting to go for our job Interviews and then the Training, that meant staying on Campsites in UK at Campsite prices !! if we didn’t have the jobs and were Fulltiming as in ‘travelling’ 365. When that happens we would not spend much time in the UK and probably use a lot more of the ‘Free’ Aires or ‘Free Camping’ opportunities.

  2. byron says:

    cracking report again eric..

    • Thank you Byron, I know that before we started I had a thirst for information like this. It was great to read about the travels but I needed much more, what were the roads like, the Aires or Campsites, Safety and of course the Cost. People travel in different vehicles and so this does have an impact on where you can stay, costs of Insurance, Ferries etc. etc. so I can only tell what it is like for us, but I hope that it offers sufficient ‘general’ information to serve as a useful guide 😉

  3. Thomas Hope says:

    Excellent break done of your costings as usual, thank you for taking the time to do this for those of us in the very early planning stage. Pleased that Shazza is on the mend and that you are heading in the right direction too. So are you staying put for a bit longer due to the weather or are you moving on ? Ether way I look forward to reading more about your adventure 😃👍

    • Thanks again Tom, pleased that you are finding the information useful as a rough guide for your own planning purposes. There are lots of variables that can, and will, influence your own costs. Shazza has had a bit of a ‘relapse’ on the cold front and not feeling at all well, but as she says, it’s just a cold and little really you can do except let it take its course. I, on the other hand am not feeling too bad, just the sore throat really which is only really bad last thing at night and first thing in the morning, my ‘Mani Flu’ remedy seems to have done the trick yet again. Shazza doesn’t like honey so she will just have to suffer 😂😂😂 As for the moving on, until she is better we won’t be going anywhere so I might manage to squeeze another week in Agadir 😄😉

  4. Thomas Hope says:

    As your friendly Paramedic! Keep up the fluids,keep an eye on your temperature and use paracetamol to help combat that if you feel feverish and remember the body needs fuel just like Big Momma to work so eat well 👍

    • I am keeping up the fluids, I am now on two bottles of ‘grape juice’ instead of one 😂😂 I don’t do the ‘paracetamol’ stuff as I think that this works against your bodies own defensive system, the temperature is the reaction to your own anti-bodies fighting the virus, by taking paracetamol you are actually working against your own recovery 😄 That’s what comes of watching too many documentaries 😉 lol

  5. Thomas Hope says:

    Get you Dr Eric 😉 lol, your correct to a point! Just don’t let the temp get to high or problems will ensue, Be told! 😃

  6. Thomas Hope says:

    Just noticed, do you have the dates wrong ? do you mean Sep 2014 to Jan 2015 ?

  7. Thomas Hope says:

    Haha, your very welcome 🙂

  8. debsk31 says:

    Hey Eric and Sharon, after a manic week of 18th birthday celebrations for our youngest, Alex and catering for 120+ party revellers on Saturday night as wel as numerous bodies scattered around our house I am now back in calm person mode, thank goodness, it was all a bit stressful but a great time had by all. I’ve, at last caught up with all the blogs (I’d got up to the robbery), I can certainly see how you were concerned on Klaas initially knock on the door but good for you for sticking by him and sorting his issues out. The £30 a day blog is again, excellent information for us planners. Hope you’re getting better from ‘man flu’ and the weather still good for you. We’re heading out for a weekend in bugzy I’m certainly looking forward to that. Great chatting with you the other day xx

    • Hi Debs, great to see and speak with you and Paul on Skype the other day. Glad all went well with the party, 120+ though, bloody hell girl I hope you got caterers in !! Enjoy your well deserved break in ‘Bugsy’ over the weekend, just seen a nice big ‘new’ Carthago, twin axle, parked up outside the site, waiting to see if a space comes free no doubt, it’s chocker here !! With the last post they were averages over the full 16 weeks, but those figures could have been less, we have spent longer periods on ‘Aires’ that we would normally do, especially at Albufiera, the Aire at Seville we used on 3 separate occasions at €15 per night and now in Morocco on a Campsite, only €10 per night but been here a month !! Plus extra expenditure when family came out to see us, so we could have done it a ‘bit’ cheaper, but it’s not always about saving money 😉 Look forward to seeing you both when we get back 😄👍

  9. noggin says:

    Hi Eric, back with WiFi and playing catch-up – again!
    Interesting on the £30/day front, I recently heard from Sandra (BaxterBus) that her comparable daily cost is running at £33 – did the sums on ours and we’re at £27/day. All of those figures are over a decent period, interesting that they’re all so close. Does look like I get tuna whilst you get salmon and Sandra must be on caviar!
    Hope your near-death experience is improving and that you’re back enjoying rude health soon.

    • Welcome back to the 21st Century 😂 As you say, all pretty comparible, ours would have been slightly less if we didn’t have the additional expenditure whilst family was out in Albufiera, and the costs associated with coming to Morocco, but all in all, I quite like tuna as well as Salmon 😄 You know Shazza, she would never have made a good nurse, I have already been out on two ‘Shazza Expeditions’, she says that we have a flask so no excuses in not taking my ‘Man Flu’ remedy out with me, although your dog buggies could have another use, give us a ‘Kennomeat’ butty 😂😂

  10. Debs says:

    I hope the man flu is better …..and that the weather is still warm and sunny ☺

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