Big Momma Gets A ‘Mat’ Finish !!

We awoke to the news that this morning our Campsite perimeter was being guarded by twelve ‘armed’ Policemen !! Was this to prevent ‘Klaas’ and myself from going out again today and socialising at some of the District Police Stations we had failed to visit on yesterday’s City tour ? Not that there could be that many left to visit !!

Seriously though, we have been keeping up with all the International News via our very useful BBC News ‘App’ and so have been aware of the tragic incidents happening in France over the last ‘few’ weeks, let alone the last Forty-Eight hours !! But just in case our family and friends become concerned for our safety, please rest assured that this is just the Moroccans, somewhat over-zealously, trying to re-assure the large number of ‘French’ campers on this site that they are safe. It’s amazing how acts, that are supposed to serve to re-assure, can have the reverse effect ! Many of the ‘French’ residents we have spoken to this morning are now asking if there is a ‘threat’ to them here in Morocco, when yesterday they were talking about what was happening in their own Country and feeling safer at this time at being over here !! As for the rest of us, English, German, Austrian, Finns, Swedes and Italians, we have no concerns, other than being in the minority and unable to get on to the ‘Petanque’ court and maybe, if something were to happen would we become ‘Collateral’ damage, although that is extremely unlikely…………….however, if someone could send me out a ‘Union Jack’ to fly from the roof of ‘Big Momma’ that would be very much appreciated, then all I would need to worry about would be the threat from rest of the EU Community Nations, because of our Governments veiled threats at pulling out of Europe. Where are the Greek Motorhoming community when you need them !!

No ! we have more serious concerns about what is happening in our own Country right now, things like, will any English football club really sign Ched Evans ? Will there be such a thing as a ‘TESCO’ supermarket chain when we return ? Will our Country survive if our ‘Special’ neighbours across the Pond close three of its Airbases on our soil ? Will we get to see Sir Ranulph Fiennes run a Marathon in Morocco before we leave ? and is Steven Gerard, a mere youngster at only 35 years old, really leaving Liverpool FC after only playing for them for a short 25 years ? So, as you can see, we have many sleepless nights just wondering what the hell is happening in our own Country in the short time we have been gone !!

In order to eliviate our anxieties we have done what every level-headed ‘Brit’ does, we engaged in some ‘Retail Therapy’ !! There was only really one thing on our, Shazzas ‘provisional’ shopping list when we came to Morocco, a new rug for ‘Big Momma’, a central runner to fit on top of the wood effect laminate flooring between the two front lounge bench seats. We, that should be ‘I’, was not looking for ‘Axminster’ quality, this may be our home but not to that extent, or more accurately, ‘expense’. We had looked at a few rugs since being here and saw lots of very nice ones, good quality but at high prices so had decided to just ‘make do’ with what we already had. To pacify Shazzas ‘thirst’ to purchase something from Morocco, I succumbed, so we bought six plastic tyre protectors for ‘Big Mommas’ wheels !!

However, we forgot about the persuasive powers of ‘Bob’ (real name Hamad), not only did he supply, Awnings, Awning Floor coverings, Windbreaks, Silver Screens, Tyre Covers but apparently anything else our little hearts and wallets wanted !! He was confident that not only could he find us a good rug, at the right size, but more importantly, “For a very, good price, very good price Mr Eric“. so he took the measurements and asked us about colour and off he went. Within two days he was back, not with just one rug, but two, same colour, same pattern, but one was smaller than the other.

Rug No.1 - it does seem to fit just right, nice colours, anti-slip backing. SOLD to the man not called 'Bob'

Rug No.1 – it does seem to fit just right, nice colours, anti-slip backing. SOLD to the man not called ‘Bob’

Rug No.2 - Fits just nice by the kitchen unit, nice colours, anti-slip backing. SOLD again to the man not called Bob !!

Rug No.2 – Fits just nice by the kitchen unit, nice colours, anti-slip backing. SOLD again to the man not called Bob !!

So, Shazza has now got her rug, two rugs, and I have my six tyre covers, nice man that ‘Bob’ fellow, clever man that ‘Bob’ fellow and yes, it did cost us a ‘Bob’ or two……….now go on, tell me you didn’t see that one coming !!

Shazza has still not been feeling one hundred per cent fit and has been very lethargic over the last few days, however, I think she is on the mend, she has started ‘nagging’ me again, always a sure sign that she is fit and well !! I might just need to introduce her to a few more ‘French’ friends !!

We have now been on this Campsite for Twenty-five days !! My goodness where does the time go. The weather ‘forecast’ still shows temperatures of between 22-24 degrees(c) for the foreseeable future but the feet are starting to get ‘itchy’ again. We shall certainly remain here over this weekend but I think our conversations are beginning to drift more and more towards a route back, we havent quite broached the subject of ‘when’.

So after a ‘mammoth’ previous post I thought you were deserving of a bit lighter night-time reading, I know how good my blog posts are at helping all of you insomniacs………………….

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12 Responses to Big Momma Gets A ‘Mat’ Finish !!

  1. smurfinguk says:

    Thoroughly enjoying the blog. Excellent choice in carpets Shazza, very smart 😃
    So envious stuck here in Britain waiting for our new (to us) van. Back on the road south once we collect and pack it. Here comes the sun !!!
    Stay safe Travel well

    • Thank you. The mats actually brighten the place up a bit, with light coloured laminate floor and cream leather upholstery, these really do provide some nice colour. So when do you get your van ? Have you ever been to Morocco ? Although for us, returning from Morocco to Spain, it will feel a bit chillier, anyone coming from UK to Spain or Portugal will feel warm.

  2. Lovely carpets and iam glad you are both safe and beeing well guarded by the morrocan police. Look after yourselves and rember ” if it is going to happen it will and theres buggar all you can do about it”

  3. Mick and Heike says:

    Say no to rugs.Ferry price up to 220 euro , Carlos office has moved to round the corner directions on door of old ,sailing tomorrow.

    • Too late on the rugs 😄 The cost of the ‘open return’ ferry was €220 anyway, it hasn’t gone up (Algeciras – Tanger Med) ? We are still at Agadir, although ‘may’ be moving early next week North to Marrakesh !! May see you at some point 👍 Have a safe and pleasant journey, you have picked the right week, temperatures up North much improved 😄

  4. Thomas Hope says:

    Love the rugs and pleased that your both keeping safe and well, enjoy the warmth and top up that’s tan too 👍

  5. Debs says:

    Love the rugs…..glad Shazza is on the mend☺

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