The End Is But The Beginning……..!!

Ten years ago, on the 31st December 2004, Shazza and I went out on our first date !! We had gone out with a group of our neighbours, from the small Lincolnshire village that we  both lived in at the time, to celebrate New Year at our local village pub. We didn’t tell our fellow revellers that that evening was more than just a bit of festive cheer, well you know what gossip is like in small villages ? That first date must have gone well as we got married on 31st March 2007, but we left the village in the April, straight after the honeymoon, to move further South, both of us with work promotions and because I then needed to be closer to London. However, even at that time, neither of us could have ever, in our wildest imaginations, have believed that just six and a half short years after that, that we would have given up two very well paid careers, well ahead of normal retirement age, sold a very nice four-bedroomed house in Wiltshire, sold all our furniture, and I do mean all,  and have ‘chosen‘ to live in what in reality is nothing more than a plastic box on wheels. As we approach another New Year, our 10th Anniversary of that ‘Date Night’, it is hard to believe that we have now been living in that Plastic Box on wheels for fifteen months and will be celebrating, under a Moroccan sky, the end of one amazing year and looking forward to the start of yet another. There will be one quite significant change in the coming year, Stacey, my eldest daughter, will, after many years of hard work, have completed her PhD, we are both so very proud of her, but it’s a bitter-sweet pill as she has already been offered, and accepted, a very good job, but it is in Australia and she takes up her new position in April next year !! So when we return to the UK in March, before we commence our second seasons duties as Elf & Elfette, we must say farewell to her until we get the chance to see her again at some point in the future.

I find that the New Year Eve period can be a bit poignant, whilst it is a time to reflect on what has passed, more importantly it is a time of ‘excitement’, for none of us really knows what will happen in the forthcoming twelve months, events that may have an impact on our lives. Yes, we can make plans and there are certain events that we know will happen, birthdays etc. but it is the ‘unknown’ that can make a year a good one or a not so good one, so to everyone who reads this blog, our family, friends, fellow Motorhomers and the  thousands of you from all over the World who I don’t know but who read my ramblings, I thank you all and hope sincerely that your ‘unknowns‘ will bring you a safe, healthy and Very Happy New Year !!

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32 Responses to The End Is But The Beginning……..!!

  1. John strange says:

    Not sure if my original attempt to post made it, so a quick message in case it didn’t!

    As someone who is proud to call you a friend Eric, I was one of the very few that knows just how much pain you both went through to eventually find true happiness together.

    Happy New Year mate, and remember Australia is not that far away when you are not travelling in a plastic box!

    • Thank you John, you have been a true friend for very many years, someone who knew me in my ‘former’ life and who was there for me during some incredibly tough times, I thank you for that 😉 Stacey is like me, she is Independent and very self-motivated and we have a special bond that, although when miles apart, will always be there so I am pleased she is following her own dreams.

      Happy New Year mate 😄

  2. Debs says:

    A Brilliant Year of Adventures and Ramblimgs Eric And Shazza .
    I have Enjoyed every minute of it…… Happy New Year to you both May 2015 Bring you lots more Adventures health and happiness and brilliant ramblings 😉

  3. ellisadine says:

    Hap py new year to you both ! xxxxxx Julia

  4. Jan Musto says:

    Happy New Year to you too!! We have a son living in Australia and when we bought Big Bertha 18 months ago John had ideas of shipping her out to Australia at some point in the future when we will possibly be thinking of replacing her, spending a few months there and selling her before we returned! A few years down the line yet for us but I look forward to reading about Big Momma in the outback!!!!! Just a thought!! It would be nothing for you two intrepid explorers!! Have a good New Years Eve and thanks again for your brilliant blog!!!
    Jan x

    • Now there’s a thought “Big Momma meets Big Bertha an encounter in the Outback” 😄 got to admit, it has a certain something don’t you think 👍 Thank you for both taking the time to read my ramblings and for commenting, very much appreciated, have a wonderful evening and great New Year 😉

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog – it looks like I might have started a trend. I know you will miss your daughter, but if your children can grow up, move out and live fulfilling lives for themselves then you have done your job – and very well. Congratulations and you should be very proud of yourself as well as her.

    • It was the mention of your own 10th Anniversary, what a co-incidence I thought ? 😄 It may sound a bit like a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ but thank you too for your lovely words. Stacey actually supported me when her mother just ‘upped’ and left, leaving me with two daughters to bring up, but she stuck to her ‘dreams’ and I am so proud that she has fulfilled part of them. With modern technology these days, miles inbetween us will not be an obstacle but it will be nice to give her a ‘physical hug’ occasionally 😄 Have a tremendous evening and safe and happy travels in the year ahead and beyond 😄😉

  6. Brett says:

    A warming, reflective yet forward looking post chap. A Happy New Year to you both and long may your ramblings continue!

  7. Tracey says:

    Happy New Year to you both, have loved your words of war and peace and can’t wait to hear what happens in 2015, i shall for sure be following you until hopefully we will be driving the same roads as yourselves in approx 5 years time. 🙂

    • Thank you Tracey, I know you have been a regular follower of ‘War and Peace’ and taken the time to comment so a big thank you for that. We both wish you a wonderful evening and trust that your ‘Unknowns’ are all good ones, Happy New Year 😄

  8. Thomas Hope says:

    Thank you for this great blog and your advise given, I wish you both happiness in 2015 and many more adventures too.
    Tom and Jo x

    • Hi Tom and Jo, amazing what chance meetings on Campsites can bring 😉 All the best for the ‘big day’ in early January, let us know how it goes 👍 until then, have a great evening and an amazing New Year !! 😄

  9. Well done Eric. We may be almost 1000 miles apart, but in what we’re doing and trying to achieve we couldn’t be closer. Doubtless we will keep in touch throughout the year and hopefully meet up at some time. Roland (and Claire).

    • Yes ‘spot on’ 😄 it is a great adventure with very many rewards however, the greatest reward is being able to do it together, it is great to be able to spend 24/7 with your respective partners, for sake of a better word as it encompasses all relationships and genders 😄 to make memories to cherish, laugh at and indeed perhaps the odd few to ‘cringe’ at. We look forward to the time when we can meet and share perhaps ‘some’ of the things that just couldn’t be put into print on a ‘public blog’ 😂😂😂 Have a great New Year !!

  10. Allan and Jayne says:

    Hi Eric and Shazza,heres wishing you all the very best for the new year,keep posting your great blogs and wonderful photos.We look forward to reading every step of your adventure.All the best.

  11. Ste T says:

    Happy New Year and continued safe travels for You, Shazz, Dave & BM! Have a good year and we will meet up one day. Happy “Anniversary too!

  12. Beth says:

    Happy New Year to both of you. We have been enjoying your words of wisdom for some time now and always enjoy your posts. Congratulations to your daughter too, it sounds like she has worked hard and will be justly rewarded, plus you get a fantastic opportunity for further travel!
    Enjoy your Moroccan adventure, Beth (and Nathanial, Alfie and Tom)

  13. noggin says:

    Happy anniversary both, we hope that you enjoy bringing in the new year with your French neighbours – we won’t expect any communications from you for a few days!!
    Hope 2015 is your best yet!!

  14. debsk31 says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Eric and Sharon, thinking of you whilst we are sat in blustery cold North Wales brining in the New Year. May your ‘ramblings’ continue, we love them xxx

    • Happy New Year to you as well Debs, thank you for being another of my loyal blog followers, always appreciate reading your comments 😉 Hope you had a good New Year celebration, I will tell you what our weather is doing when I manage to persuade my eyes to open 😂😂😂 Looking forward to hearing all about your travels in the very near future 👍

  15. Wayne says:

    E&S, I’m following your great blog, sounds like your bravery is being rewarded. This standard is inspirational, we have the MoHo now & hope to be doing just this very soon. Happy new year to both of you, from both of us, Wayne & Angie.

    • Hello Wayne and Angie and a Happy New Year to you both 😄 Some may call us ‘Brave’ others believe that the pair of us just ‘lost our marbles’ 😂😂 If we did then I hope we don’t find them again too soon 😄 Glad to hear that you will be commencing your own ‘Lifestyle Change’ in the near future, look forward to meeting up at some point, somewhere ‘on the road’ 😉

  16. mike & sue says:

    Happy New Year to you both! A great read as ever full of worldly insight into a very different lifestyle. There is even a possibility of us venturing into it this year but we have to wait & see for sure…..
    Hope its a good year ahead for you. Stay safe & don’t forget to wave 🙂

    • Thanks Mike 👍 great news that you may be joining the rapidly increasing band of ‘Fulltimers’ look forward to seeing you both again 😄 We hope your ‘unknowns’ are all good ones.

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