First Impressions !

We have certainly both been able to get some good nights sleep during our brief stay here, it is so quiet. We awoke to a cloudy day, the sun was up there but it had decided to remain behind the cloud so, although not cold by any stretch of the imagination, neither was it a day to just idle outside in a sun chair. Shazza had utilised the on-site showers yesterday evening, only to discover that there was no hot water, so it was with some reluctance that I wandered over to ‘Men’s’ showers this morning expecting much the same. You know what it is like when you enter a building, or a room, and you see something that registers as being out-of-place, you know you are in the right place but you still stop, dead in your tracks, whilst your mind try’s to fathom it out. I walked into what I knew were the ‘Men’s Shower Block’ and stood before me was a woman, in a dressing gown, drying her hair with a towel, obviously having just taken a shower. I stood there speechless for a moment, saying in my mind, ‘Eric, you did walk into the Men’s Shower Block, didn’t you ?’. The woman obviously saw the quizzical look on my face and explained that only the Men’s showers had hot water. Okay, no problem I thought, at least they are individual cubicles and not those like the ones I remember from school, you remember the ones, just one long tiled area with several shower heads. Mind you, had it have been the same type, at least then I could have had someone to wash my back !!  To try to assist you with getting those mental images out of your head, here are a few photo’s of our Campsite facilities, Caravan Club and Camping & Caravanning Club Wardens please look away now !!

The entrance to the Campsite

The entrance to the Campsite

The Toilet & Shower Block !!

The Toilet & Shower Block !!

Motorhome Service Point !! (You really wouldn't have wanted a close up of this !!!)

Motorhome Service Point !! (You really wouldn’t have wanted a close up of this !!!)

The on-site Restaurant (Restaurant Atlantis 😳)

The on-site Restaurant (Restaurant Atlantis 😳)

Okay, so it may not be quite the standard we were used to, but this is pretty good by Moroccan standards !! When we arrived and I was told that the EHU supply was 10 Amp I have to confess at being rather sceptical. That went against everything I have ever read about EHU supplies in this country, I was expecting, if we were lucky, to perhaps get 3-5 Amps, enough to  power our fridge and heat the water so as to reduce our LPG usage. Even then, I had heard that the supply was at best, intermittent !! But credit where credit is due, we have had no power outages, we have been running everything off electric, even Shazza has only been using the ‘Remoska’ and electric hot plate for cooking, everything else has been on electric, the fridge and freezer, water heater, lighting, TV, Sockets charging our  iPhones & iPads, Kindle, Camera batteries, often at the same time. I have to say that there are some sites in the UK, let alone EHU supplies on Aires in Spain & Portugal that haven’t   managed to carry that load without ‘tripping’. But the best bit is that for three days we haven’t used any of our valuable and limited LPG !! Let’s hope that the campsites we use further along our route can provide this standard !

We decided to make this our last day here (Thursday), there was little more to do other than a bit of exploration around the small town, if the weather had have been better we may have been tempted to have unpacked ‘Kevin’ and gone for a paddle on the lagoon, bit it wasn’t so we didn’t.

The busy Main Street !

The busy Main Street !

We can always seek out the Beach !!

We can always seek out the Beach !!


This chap obviously can't afford a boat !!

This chap obviously can’t afford a boat !!


In my former life I have spent time working and living in the Middle East, okay, so I know that this is not Bahrain, Oman or Saudi Arabia but the environment is very similar, so I knew what to expect. However, Shazza has only tasted the likes of ‘Tourist Resorts’ in Egypt and Tunisia for short holidays from the inside of a Five Star Hotel and a few taxi rides to and from the Medina’s. She doesn’t like Bartering !! She enjoys sunbathing in her Bikini on a beach, not going to happen here !! She enjoys the freedom of being able to wander off on her own into town or villages to buy bread, or fruit and vegetables, from the supermarkets, she has already said that she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that here. For me, well certainly the roads I have encountered so far are much better than I anticipated, although we shall see what they are like when we get off the Motorway. The people I have met so far are much as I expected, friendly and very polite. However, to be brutally honest, apart from the warmth of the winter sunshine, Morocco holds no appeal whatsoever for me, although I am sure I will enjoy seeing some new places like Marrakesh, Agadir, Fez and perhaps a few others, it will also tick another box off on our Fulltiming ‘Countries to Visit’ list. Whether this will live up to Shazzas expectations we will have to wait and see, some of the larger towns and Cities are more ‘Westernised’ so I am sure that she will enjoy them. We are planning to spend Christmas in Agadir, which is still a 400 mile, six-hour drive away from our current location, so tomorrow we will drive halfway, to a Campsite near the town of El Jadida………………

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10 Responses to First Impressions !

  1. Chris Clegg says:

    It looks amazing…… Sunsets to die for.

    • The scenery is wonderful as are those sunsets, perhaps this Country will grow on me a bit more as we spend more time travelling South. It could be worse, could be having to get up and go to work in the morning 😃😉

  2. Thomas Hope says:

    Look forward to future installments, you are brave you two I’m not sure I would feel quite as safe as you do .
    I’m just suspicious after spending sometime in a Dusty place starting with the letter A 😉
    Have you seen many other fellow travellers yet ?

    • Hi Tom, it feels quite safe, no problems there but we are sticking to the Motorway then travelling between campsites. The Moroccans we have met so far have been lovely, warm and friendly. We have just re-located today, a big drive of 201 miles but it’s getting warmer, 19-20 Degrees 😎 There are no Arabs here, as in flowing white gowns or Burkas, the older generation dress in the traditional ‘Berber’ style but the younger generation dress in Western clothing. We see a few Motorhomes on the road, but not many, perhaps they don’t use the Motorway ? However, plenty of Motorhomers on the Campsites, mainly German, Dutch and French.

  3. Stacey says:

    Ooooo you should do a camel trek in the Sahara for Christmas 🙂

    • Anyone would think we were on Holiday 😂 Moved on this morning 201 miles, now in El Jadida, will look around the place tomorrow. Have WiFi but very slow connection. Sharon is now on Facebook !!

    • Anyone would think we were on Holiday 😂 Moved on this morning 201 miles, now in El Jadida, will look around the place tomorrow. Have WiFi but very slow connection. Sharon is now on Facebook !!

  4. Mick and Heike says:

    They all arrive after Xmas in their thousands.You are the first Ex Mil man that I have heard using lived instead of “stationed”.

    • That’s good, at least we should get a pitch at the Campsite in Agadir ready for Christmas 😄 Just arrived at El Jadida, then on to Marrakesh before going to Agadir.

      The work I did meant that I didn’t live on a Military base or wear a Uniform which is probably why I use the term ‘lived’ rather than ‘stationed’ 😉

  5. Debs says:

    I 5 ink I have nearly caught up on your blog !!!..brilliant reading about your new adventure ☺

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