Becoming an ‘Elf’ and ‘Elfette’ ?

Monday 27th January – Doncaster to Milestone Caravan Site near Newark, Nottinghamshire (50 miles)

We were both awake relatively early, we were so grateful to Sonia for permitting us to ‘invade’ her house for the last eight days and we now know that ‘Big Momma’ fits comfortably on her drive and behind secure gates !! There was a tinge of excitement at ‘moving back in’ to what is now our own ‘Home’ and to not knowing where we may end up around the country. We are now on a ‘fuel budget’, which has to be shared between using ‘Big Momma’ and ‘Wuxly’, so with the mileage getting from Portsmouth to Doncaster in ‘Big Momma’, the several journey’s over the last week in ‘Wuxly’ and now being back ‘on the road’ in ‘Big Momma’, our fuel budget for the remainder of this month, albeit only five days, is on the low side so we will not be wandering too far, especially as we have to be back in a fortnight to get ‘Wuxly’ sorted. Remember those sayings I used to comment on, the ones that have been around for generations but where did they originate ? well here is another ‘Every cloud has a silver lining‘ ? Anyway our cloud has a silver lining because the Caravan Club pay travel and accommodation expenses, so once we receive the payment we can put the cost of the fuel we used in ‘Wuxly’, to attend the Interview/assessment Centre, back into the fuel budget !!

The one thing that I did not get the opportunity to do whilst at Sonia’s was to give ‘Big Momma’ a good wash and wax. However, on our way up to Doncaster we stopped at the ‘Milestone Campsite’ and we noticed that, unlike a lot of campsites, they permitted the washing of vans. We decided that as this was just one hours drive from Sonia’s that it would suit our immediate needs as it had good Hardstanding pitches, 16amp EHU, Motorhome Service Point, Laundry facilities and of course a heated washroom with Toilets and Showers, what more could we need. The nightly fee was £1.50 per night above our daily accommodation budget, but considering that we had just saved eight nights pitch fees our accommodation budget was currently pretty healthy so on this occasion we could withstand this outrageous display of lavish luxury :0) However, the weather could have a severe impact on this ‘vital’ task as this area, much like the rest of the UK, is scheduled for some heavy rain tomorrow !!

Shazza and I were talking on the drive down, we sometimes do that, and we actually calculated that we had not done any real exercise for nearly a fortnight. Since getting back to England we had not really eaten as healthily as we had been, Pork Pie, Fish ‘n’ Chips (twice!), cream cakes, chocolates and a massive Sunday ‘carvery’ roast dinner have all started to take their toll. So now back ‘on the road’ and a return to a bit more ‘personal discipline’ on our food intake and a bit of daily exercise, weather permitting of course ! There is one advantage to being over here, at least I won’t be undertaking ‘Shazza’s expeditions’ in flip-flops, not sure whether doing them in Wellington Boots will be any easier though !! We arrived on site, booked in, initially just for two nights, filled up with Fresh Water then settled onto a pitch of our own choice. We had selected one close to the reception and washroom facilities for two very good reasons. First, it was very cold so being close to the washrooms meant that we didn’t have far to walk for our showers. Second, the last time we were here we noted they had WiFi but we were told it was not a good signal away from the main reception building. We couldn’t even pick up the fact that the site had WiFi on any of our devices and we were not that far away from the reception. But this time, not only were we closer but we had our ‘Motorhome WiFi booster’ !! But first things first, we had been blessed with a bright sunny day, still cold but dry, so we decided to go for a walk to see what the nearby village had to offer. We got well wrapped up and set off, next door to the campsite was a small brewery, we could smell the yeast on the campsite but hadn’t realised the brewery was only next door, If only I was a beer drinker !! The village was pretty quiet but I suppose that is something we will have to get used to, we may be retired but there are still people who have to work towards theirs !! This is most certainly a ‘commuters’ village, being only six miles from the town of Newark, and which also has a mainline rail link to London. What was noticeable was the need to own a car if you lived here because the bus timetable reflected that during the week there was just one bus passing through the village at 07:22am and another at 17:30pm !! We only saw the one village store, a small ‘farm shop’ open ‘7 days a week’ and at the opposite end of the village a Church and a sign pointing to a ‘doll museum’, not really our cup of tea !! There were a couple of marked ‘Public Footpaths’ but we left them to be explored on another day, if we elect to stay a bit longer that is. Although the campsite has its own ‘small’ lake, we discovered, via ‘Google Maps’, that there is a much larger lake, privately owned, just to the rear of the campsite and there is a ‘public footpath’ around it, so another walking opportunity beckons.

Did you hear the one about the two 'birds' stood waiting for a bus ? One said "What time is the next bus" ? And the other one said "About Eleven O'Cluck" !!!!

Did you hear the one about the two ‘birds’ stood waiting for a bus ? One said “What time is the next bus” ? And the other one said “About Eleven O’Cluck” !!!!

Getting back to the warmth of the van it was time to try out the ‘WiFi Booster’. I followed all the instructions (again) and was pleased to see that the booster was picking up half a dozen WiFi signals, most were encrypted. One of the signals was from the ‘Milestone Caravan Park’ and although it was still showing as a weak signal at least I was picking it up. However, a password was required so I went to the reception and asked if their WiFi was free to use. The ‘Warden’ asked if I was able to pick it up as generally it was only available within the reception building, when I confirmed that it was she gave me the password and I returned to ‘Big Momma’, entered the password and my system connected. However, the signal strength was still pretty weak and kept dropping out, so much so that it wasn’t worth the effort or the frustration !! But at least I had proved that the system works, it cannot work miracles with such a weak signal, without the booster we couldn’t even see the site WiFi on our iPads but I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get access to my Emails or my ‘blog’ admin. Oh well, will just have to try again on another site at some point.

Another thing that we have noticed since being back in the UK is that it gets dark earlier here than in Portugal, even though it is the same timeline ! Something to do with being further from the equator I suppose !! Anyway, we just shut ourselves in for the night, one thing we have here that we didn’t have in Portugal is Television. We didn’t really miss it but if you have it then use it !! Mind you it hasn’t improved that much either, we turned it off at 9pm and Shazza got on with whatever it was she wanted to do, made some bread dough, played games on her iPad whilst I started to do some refresher on my linguistic skills. We have decided to learn two languages each, Shazza French & Spanish whilst I will do German and Italian. I then listened to a bit of Jazz and Swing on my iPod until the charge ran out !!

When we woke up at 07:30am on Tuesday morning, there was no sound of rain on the roof ? The weather forecast stated heavy rain all day today, oh well, I guess I have no excuses for not washing the van !! But just after making the morning brew I heard that magical sound of raindrops tap-dancing above my head, oh well, back to bed then !!

By 10:00am the tap-dancing had finished and the sky looked brighter, it was still a bit on the chilly side though, but ‘Big Momma’ had not been washed for several weeks now and she didn’t deserve to be left looking shabby after serving us so well on our recent trip. So, well wrapped up, I commenced the task of making ‘Big Momma’ look nice and smart again. There is a saying that goes something like “the sun shines on the righteous”, well it must have been my turn as I managed to get ‘Big Momma’ washed, wheels cleaned, and even a bit of wax applied !! Just as I finished and got everything put away in the garage, the heavens opened, but ‘Big Momma’ was looking good again !!

Oh yes ! 'Big Momma' getting some much deserved TLC !!

Oh yes ! ‘Big Momma’ getting some much deserved TLC !!

There was no way that we were going to get the chance to explore any of the footpaths today and the weather forecast was not looking good for the rest of the week. We could sit it out here, the campsite has everything we need but the village lacks the basic essentials and with no regular bus service it would mean having to take ‘Big Momma’ into town. I guess this is where the ‘Caravanners and Small Motorhomers’ have the advantage !! We reviewed our options and decided that tomorrow we would move to a Caravan Club site at Peterborough for the next five days, again they have Hardstanding, essential in this wet weather, 16amp EHU and all the normal Motorhome facilities including WiFi, another chance to try out the booster system, if required that is ? The advantage at this location is that there are regular buses into Peterborough and the bus stop is only a ten-minute walk from the site. Subject to weather, there are miles of walking and cycle paths from the park that the site is located on so this will provide us with a good base. A telephone call to the site confirmed our booking and we discovered that at the weekend there will be a rally of forty other ‘units’ arriving, could be entertaining !!

With my iPod now re-charged I had to decide whether to just relax for the afternoon listening to some music or to refresh/learn a bit more of my ‘German’ course ? These are the kind of difficult decisions that I have to make these days, fortunately I was saved from this decision-making process when my mobile phone rang. It wasn’t anyone on my contacts list as a name wasn’t displayed and I didn’t recognise the number. My heart started to race when the caller said “Hello, is that Eric, this is Dee from the HR Department at the Caravan Club” we had not expected to hear anything for another week, was this going to be a disappointment ? “Congratulations, you and Sharon have been successful and we would like to invite you now to attend the training course in March“. I remember being very happy and of course confirming that we would most definitely be available but whatever else was discussed is just a blur !! Needless to say, I no longer had to make the decision on ‘music‘ or ‘language course‘ as we started to talk about our futures as an ‘Elf‘ and ‘Elfette‘ ! This was our little joke as the Caravan Club uniform is all ‘Green’ !!

Oh well, it’s another moving on day again tomorrow, does that signal another restless night ?……………………………

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15 Responses to Becoming an ‘Elf’ and ‘Elfette’ ?

  1. DebsK says:

    Congratulations to you both, I felt sure you would impress them at the assessment day although it sounded pretty tough. I’m sure it will be a great experience, can’t wait to find out where your first site is, guess who’ll be paying you a visit … obviously we won’t hold you up whilst your working x

    • Thanks Debs, it is easy to say after the event but we were quietly confident that we had done okay, but we didn’t want to count our chickens !! 2013 was a BIG Adventure, 2014 looks as if it will continue in the same vein :0)

  2. Brian and Chris says:

    Congratulations Elf and Elfette. Hope to you enjoy your new vocation and make the most of the freetime you have left. Sitting in a Burger King at Cullera, Valencia making the most of their wifi and chocolate icream!

    • Thanks guys !! Would swap places with you right now, currently sat on the Ferry Meadows CC Site at Peterborough, wet and soggy, the ground not us :0) But nice and cosy inside the van :0) Enjoy your trip, hope to meet up soon, will let you know what site you need to book when you get home :0)

  3. jean says:

    Well done!!!


  4. Tracey says:

    I am not sure whether I am pleased or sad that you got the job. I am loving the entries of war and peace whilst you were traveling. Still enjoying the updates on what you are doing in the uk. We plan on following in your footsteps in about 7 years. Hoping to have a big enough property portfolio to support our early retirement by then otherwise we will also be applying for warden jobs. Keep up the brilliant blogs

    • Well thank you so much !! I will be keeping the travel blogs going, even when we start our jobs :0) and then the foreign travel blogs will just continue at the end of the season, so hopefully you will still enjoy them :0)

  5. Pamela & Colin says:

    Congratulations! Great news. Look forward to reading all about it in due course. Have been enjoying your blog and it’s now our plan to stop at Carcabena on the way to Santander.

    • Hi guys ! Good to hear from you :0) You will really enjoy the nature park, allow plenty of time, there are lots of places to eat around the park but we took our own baguette and stopped and made our own lunch :0) there is one Cafe/Bar in the village centre that advertises WiFi, but we used the small Cafe/Bar at the top of the road, on the left from the direction of the Aire, it doesn’t advertise WiFi but it is ‘Free’ and a good fast connection !!

  6. John S says:

    Well I never, you bloody well got the job! I think I need to say congratulations to both of you, but there’s a bit of me that is saying, ‘they would rather have been told no’. Am I right? Still, I will now have somewhere to come and take the P,

    Seriously though mate – congrats to both!

    John an Vonnie

    • As for coming to visit us at site to take the P***, you will have to get in the queue :0) When we were across the water there certainly were several conversations about coming back or not. However, after leaving good weather to come back to the UK, let alone the cost, to then not get the jobs would have been more frustrating !! We know that this will not be a holiday, or a 9-5 existence but we just see it as getting paid to do a hobby :0) Where else could you get a job for 7-8 months then take the rest of the year off ? :0) it is not a ‘career’ choice, we can stop anytime we like if it isn’t what we want but I think we will actually enjoy it, I know, Sad people :0)

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