Plymouth Hoe, Ho, Ho……..

And so on Saturday morning we awoke to spend what would be our last full day in the UK. A nice relaxing day ahead I thought, a bit of pottering perhaps ? Shazza had other plans though, “How about we go for a walk” she announces, “Walk” says I in a non-committal sort of way, “Anywhere in particular” I ask, “Thought we could do the Coastal Path to Polperro” she says, “Okay” I replied, knowing that anything other than a positive response would have been futile. So, being someone of few words (laughs out loudly) I thought I would give you a pictorial account of the short 8 mile walk !!

Looe Island which is actually habited !!

Looe Island which is actually habited !!

And no sign of Huckleberry Finn !

And no sign of Huckleberry Finn !

One of the many coves on the route

One of the many coves on the route

Oh yes ! The milepost I have been waiting for !

Oh yes ! The milepost I have been waiting for !

It's just around the next corner Shazza.....honest !!

It’s just around the next corner Shazza…..honest !!

Now this is what I call the end of the walk !!

Now this is what I call the end of the walk !!

Sunday 13th October – Looe to Plymouth via TESCO (23 miles)

Well as if to just remind us of what we would be missing, it ‘chucked’ it down last night !! It has been quite a while since I have heard the noise of rain on the roof and rather than keeping me awake the rhythmic pattering on the roof was so soothing that was not long before the day ended and the lights went out in my mind.

I was awake, up and fulfilling the morning ritual by seven-thirty, it had stopped raining but everywhere was wet and a grey mist loomed over the site, but it was warm. The stowing away rituals were underway by 08:30 but we did not leave until 11am. The narrow road from the site was not as empty as I was hoping for and road works, reducing the road to just one lane, caused my heart to skip a few beats. This would not have been a problem if the traffic lights had been working !! But they were not and it was mayhem, why do cars think they can stop in the middle of a single lane road and expect a 30 foot, 5 tonne vehicle to reverse up a bloody big hill with traffic already queuing behind. I am generally a considerate and courteous driver but on this occasion there was only going to be one winner in this stand-off. I gave a wave of thanks as I passed the reluctant driver, I did not need to be a lip reader to know that his response was not one that said “You’re welcome”.

First stop was at the fuel station we had seen on the way to the site several days ago to top up with LPG at £0.69.9p Ltr ! I had never filled with LPG other than at a Countrywide Farmer filling point so was a little nervous, Like most things, you spend time worrying about things when in reality there is nothing at all to worry about. It was a straightforward process and the added bonus was that the LPG point was in the same location as the fuel filling pumps so although I didn’t really need to top up I decided to anyway. I was now comfortable in the knowledge that I had a full fuel tank for when we entered Spain as well as two full LPG cylinders, full fresh water tank, empty grey waste and an empty chemical toilet cassette. The next stop before we made our way to the ferry terminal was a TESCO superstore, I can only imagine that Shazza wanted to try to sell off some of the ASDA surplus stock we were carrying to the rivals at a knock down price ! However she insisted that she needed to stock up on perishables like potatoes, onions, salad and fruit as it was obvious that these foreign countries wouldn’t have these sort of items…….?? I did manage to buy a set of hair trimmers as well, my hair was already getting to the stage of needing another trim, where is Debs when you need her ??

Provisions loaded, along with half of Plymouth’s supply of bacon, we set off to the ferry terminal. I had anticipated long waits in the vehicle lanes but was pleasantly surprised when we were ushered forward to be loaded. We had a visit into the van by the nice Customs officials who were more interested in our story of how we gave up our jobs, sold our house and furniture and were now going out to Europe to live in our Motorhome. We were parked in the ‘Basement’ of the boat with the big trucks and ‘Big Momma’ didn’t quite live up to her name.

We had already been provided with our room keys when we initially checked in at the Brittany Ferries Passport and Ticket checkpoint so once we had secured the van we made our way up to our allocated Deck and to our ‘Commodore Class’ cabin. Now this cabin is nothing like I have ever experienced before on a ferry ! This was something I would expect to get on a cruise ship. Never mind the luxury of the cabin and the private balcony, there was also a box of those fancy macaroons that you see in a fancy patisserie, or being made on programmes like ‘Master Chef’, a box of assorted fruit, the usual tea and coffee makings, TV and DVD player all operated from a console by the bed !! with the Panoramic Windows of the patio doors leading out to a wonderful balcony this was plush. We wore smiles as big as the biggest Cheshire Cat you have ever seen, now this is the way to start the European leg of our ‘Big Adventure’ and the only thing missing was something with which to celebrate this special occasion, so we dragged ourselves from the unadulterated luxury of our cabin to explore the rest of the boat and find the bar…………… So with a little bit of poetic licence, using the lyrics of that No.1 hit by the Bay City Rollers back in the 70’s it’s “Bye Bye Blighty, Blighty Bye Bye”………….next stop ‘Espana’ !!

Adios comprade's !!

Adios comprade’s !!

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7 Responses to Plymouth Hoe, Ho, Ho……..

  1. Wandering star says:

    All the best to you!
    If it gets too hot out there, I’ll FedEx some snow to you!
    Happy travels!

  2. mike says:

    😥 bye! Good luck! Sounds FAB-U-LOUS (to steal a phrase) already! Now to read the next bit!

  3. Debs says:

    sounds Fab glad the crossing went well……. The weather has sure changed here its wet and windy……… Happy Travelling enjoy Spain 🙂

    • Had some rain here also but the further South we go the better the weather. We have been in shorts and Tee shirts today !! Absolutely gorgeous !! Still North of Madrid at the moment just taking it nice ‘n’ easy :0)

  4. Sue - dippingatoe says:

    Well done both – I can just imagine your smiles. Its cold grey raining and windy outside, and I have lit the fire. Will draw the curtains shortly to keep the heat in!!!! Enjoy your new adventure 🙂

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