Time for Reflection………

It has been a scorcher this past week and from the local News programme on the television I understand that our area, along with many other areas of the UK, are now on a Level 3 Heatwave alert ! Now there’s a first and I for one am not complaining, even if it is difficult to sleep at night. You cannot win really, our double glazing is so efficient that if you have the bedroom windows closed they shut out almost all noise and so a nice peaceful sleep is assured. But as with the last few nights, it is just too damn hot to have the windows closed. Although we live in what is a generally quiet neighbourhood, I now hear noises that are unfamiliar and find my mind tuning in to ‘all’ of them, simultaneously. It is like a puzzle for my brain to work out, to identify what each individual sound relates to. It can be a passing car, the ‘clip clop’ of someone’s shoe heels as they come home from wherever they have been, noises that sound like crying babies but actually its cats voicing their territorial warnings to other uninvited felines that have wandered onto their ‘patch’. We live so close to a nature park that we can even hear the calls of pheasants and then on top of that, in the still air of the night the sound of dogs barking somewhere in the distance and the occasional distant wails of some emergency vehicle, Police, Ambulance, Fire Engine, who knows but it would probably be quieter living in Central London ? What I do know is that with the combination of the heat and these unfamiliar night sounds I cannot sleep ! That in turn creates another problem, the brain is now fully awake and the things that would otherwise be locked away in the subconscious now come to the fore. When you are busy, whether it be with the day job and/or other domestic issues these things are kept locked away, they are unimportant and so like the memory in a computer these irrelevant or unimportant pieces of data are placed in a folder somewhere, available to call forward if required at some point in the future. However, unlike a computer, which needs the user to manually press the keys to retrieve the information, the brain does this automatically, sometimes unexpectedly and this is what makes us rather unique as human beings in the grand scheme of things ! Sharon is restless but stays asleep. How does she manage to still sleep in this heat, with all these unfamiliar noises emanating through the open windows ? It isn’t as if she has partaken of any ‘sleeping juice’ this evening ! Although she has been out, she told me it was a school event, perhaps she meant that her and a few of her colleagues went to the pub ? I slowly and quietly edge my way from the bed, she stirs but remains sleeping and I make good my escape to spend some time in thoughtful contemplation, me, the darkness, my thoughts.

I have always liked this time of the night, or is it morning now ? it is so peaceful, apart from the cars, people, cats, pheasants, dogs and wailing sirens that is ! Perhaps it’s because with recent events everything just seems to have been chaotic, a rollercoaster of a ride always something to do or to plan or to gather tat, ‘cherished possessions’, for our next date with the Sunday masses, no not the church service but the ‘Car Boot’ fraternity. There have been very few occasions recently to enjoy the luxury of contemplation, however, for the first time, since putting the house on the market, the enormity of what we are doing is beginning to hit home with me. I don’t mean that in either a bad or scary way, well perhaps there is still that knot in the stomach, the one that is part excitement and part apprehension but not one of fear, even if lot’s of our blog followers, friends, work colleagues and Motorhome forum members are telling us ‘how brave we are’ ! Is it brave or is what we are doing irresponsible or even stupid ?

I have taken up my usual position, standing at the open utility door, smoking a cigarette and there is the slightest wisp of a cool breeze. For a second or two I close my eyes and let the welcome cool air flow over me. I am looking out onto where ‘Big Momma’ is stood silently, patiently just waiting to take us on our ‘Big Adventure’. In my mind I am now transported into the future, in the ‘Big Momma’, engine is running, Sharon hands the keys of the house to the Estate Agent and then climbs aboard into her co-pilot seat, all pre-travel checks completed we pull off the drive, wave goodbye,  glance across at each other with the most enormous grins on our faces and the adventure begins !! And then just as quickly as I had disappeared into my imaginary world I am back again. Those few seconds seemed so real and yet the realisation is that this ‘Big Adventure’ is still a long way off, and although ten weeks to you may seem like no time at all, when you want it to be tomorrow, that ten weeks is an eternity away !

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12 Responses to Time for Reflection………

  1. Debs says:

    The weather is trying to acclimatise you for your wonderful travels !!!………. wow 10 weeks that’s only 1 or 2 No’2s . I hope you manage to get some good nites rest before you get rid of some more of your treasured possessions this weekend

  2. Debs says:

    Big giggles…….. have you tried ear plugs. then you wont hear all the animals and drunken people… also you wont hear your alarm clock and wont have to see the horrible 6.am on a Sunday morning :–)

  3. Steve&Lys says:

    Morning to the pair of you :0)
    Wow ten weeks ,is that all !!! We know how that feels , we are due to depart the first week of Nov to see family in Devon then get the ferry from Plymouth to Santander in the second week of Nov.
    Our plans are a tad different to yours in that we are renting out our house, we should be able to happily live off the income , we hope ???
    I had to giggle about your tat/prized possessions , we are also going the car boot/eBay route, not an enjoyable experience is it !!!
    Lyssa is looking to start up a blog soon , yours may give her the insperation she needs to start???
    Looking forward to the next few weeks of write ups :0)
    Steve & Lys
    Looking forward to the next few weeks of write ups :0)

    We are

    • Thanks Steve & Lys, good to hear from you ! Shazza finishes work today !! I still have 9 weeks and 3 days but whose counting ? ME !! Wow ! Didn’t realise that you were the hitting road around the same time as us, that’s great news ! Perhaps we may meet up somewhere, hope so. We are absolutely amazed at the response to our blog and have had well over 1,000 views already and got 31 ‘followers’ spread over 9 Countries ! So tell Lys to get hers up and running and then let us know the site address so that we can start following you too :0) Enjoy your travels and do please keep in touch !

      • mike7692 says:

        Another great bit of blogging from you Eric! I almost enjoy reading this more than my book! 😉
        It’s great to read about your thoughts & what processes you’re going through….so when its our turn we’ll know what’s normal!

        Steve get Lys to start yours! And we’ll have to get together before you go with Nick & Cathy!:)

        Keep em coming Eric!

        • Thanks Mike, a bit scary but this blogging just seems to come naturally !! Although there may be a few followers who are getting impatient and waiting for the ‘real’ journey to commence, my intention in starting this blog now was for exactly the reason you stated. There are several people out there either thinking about full timing (or even long terming) or in the process of getting ready to go. I know that in my early days of planning I was seeking ‘pre-travel’ information but most books or blogs generally started on Day 1 when they boarded the ferry. So I hope that my personal thoughts, activities, experiences before we get to the actual ‘journey’ will be useful. The practical things are generally quite easy and most individual’s will have their own way of preparing, but this blog I hope will also reflect some of the emotional and physiological processes that are involved. Well this reply was almost a blog in itself ? Thank you for being one of my followers and I am sure that I will reciprocate in the near future !

  4. Steve&Lys says:

    Hi Mike , I have to wait till mid Aug to confirm our ferry date as they haven’t confirmed sailing dates for Nov yet !!
    Have you sorted your final date Eric?????
    BUT we will deffo be in the second week of Nov from Plymouth:0)
    Nick and Catch are back from their short jolly to France , so yes we must sort out another “gathering ” of us newbies , not sure where in the UK your based Eric but six of us are in the South Hearts area ,Lys and myself in Hitchin.
    Steve &Lys

    Nick and

    • Ferry booked yesterday ! Sailing Plymouth to Santander on 13th October, Yee Haa ! Mike, after the 27th September we will not have a ‘base’ as we will be true ‘Nomads’ (No Fixed Abode). Have to be in Grimsby area between 30th Sep – 2 Oct as van going into Autotrail factory for a minor repair to some laminate on one of the cupboards. Between 3 Oct – 12th Oct we are free agents so if you are planning a meet between those dates let me know (need to be close to Plymouth on 12th though).

  5. Steve&Lys says:

    13th Oct !!!!
    One month before us , very envious , cannot wait to read your thoughts as the day gets closer .
    IF and I know its a big IF. You can call into Hertfordshire on your way down there is six of us who would love to spend an evening supping wine and talking sh#t with the pair of you ????
    Steve &Lays

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